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The Serpent's Tea House
The Serpent's Tea House

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : Roleplay
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by asyroyez.
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About The Serpent's Tea House
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The Serpent’s Tea House was started mid-first era by a collective of artists who enjoyed the productivity and intellectual fulfilment of working together. Famous works were either critiqued or created in the Tea House itself, and soon after the popularity of the first Serpent’s Tea House, others appeared across Tamriel. They reinvigorated not only the world of art, but writing, philosophy and other pursuits as well. Members would travel from place to place to do their work and in many cases, for the first time ever, be able to see the works of other races in different lands!

Rumors started circulating about the spiritual discourse happening within the walls of these establishments. It was said that the members would worship one of the founding artists, an Altmer sculptor by the name of Rhisiart. His works held such likeness of those he had portrayed, that many thought they carried a soul, and that if one was to devote themselves to the craftsman and his works, they would become as immortal as the stone.

After Rhisiart passed away, regional conflicts and war soon made most of the Serpent’s Tea Houses disappear, leaving his son Valenwyn to care for the remaining handful of properties. Valenwyn’s reign was cut short one night when the Tea House was set ablaze. His death is recorded as accidental, having gotten caught in the flame of the main Tea House on the Isle, but suspicions remain. With little in their treasury, his son and daughter took up their family’s legacy, after selling many of their grandfather’s prized statues. The Serpent Guard was created as a means to an end, with the Tea House being under construction, to generate some revenue and provide some stability in these days of turmoil. Still, some claim that the Immortals, as they were called, are still out there and must be exterminated.


[Image: rR1rR40.jpg]


The Serpent’s Tea House is Heavy Role-Play guild in The Elder Scrolls Online. We are a community of writers, artists, and creative people who value immersive, realistic Role Play and character development. We are strong advocates of player-driven plots that reward initiative and creativity, and we do our best to encourage the creative growth of our smart, talented player base. We are here to build stories together, to see our characters grow, and to make the world of Nirn a living, breathing place.

Our guild also seeks to be involved with the greater Role-Playing community in The Elder Scrolls Online. We aim to open our plots for non-members and other guilds to join as well as create open events for any and all who wish to participate. Additionally we hope to foster friendships with fellow Role-Playing guilds both in-character and out. We hope that by reaching out and maintaining good relationships with other guilds, we can do our part in keeping the Role-Playing community as interactive, fun, and interesting as it can be.

But The Serpent’s Tea House is not all about Role-Playing. Competitive players will find themselves challenged with a fair amount of PvE and PvP content hosted by the guild as well. While we focus on quality Role-Play and personal storylines, we often incorporate that into game progression. We seek to experience all of what The Elder Scrolls Online has to offer, from exploring the maps to fighting alongside allies in PvP matches. We won't claim to be the best raiders around, but we’ll certainly try!

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I read this stuff on the TESO-RP and I must say that I like the idea. Keep it up!
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Thank you!
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