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The Shadow Legion XBOX ONE ( EU )

Started by Shadow warrior
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
Welcome my name is shadow warrior I'm looking for comrades to play in my guild, it's only small at this time which means there lots of room.

What I'm looking:
1) All classes are welcome (but need a healer)
2) All ranks are welcome ( I'm only level 24 but if your rank 2 to veteran rank 1 u are welcome)
3) team work
4) mic (you must have a mic so we can talk and to understand another, we be talking in English)
5) HAVING FUN Smiling

How to get in touch:
Please send me a friends request and a message saying you want to join on XBOX ONE as I won't be on this website for long.

My Xbox name is reapercommando

When you have done that there will be a Test, yes there's a test but it's easy it's talking to me and one or two of my friends this is to show that we can get along.

So can't wait to meet you out on the battlefield
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Time waits for no one but May fate, always be in your favour (Xbox one)
Shadow Brotherhood
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