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The Shadow Pack
The Shadow Pack

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Jamesklenser.
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About The Shadow Pack
Main Origin Guild Ranks
Headquarters: Daggerfall
Main Time Zone: EST (NA)
Recruitment Status: Open

We are currently acceping only 9 recruits. This is a brand new pack and so we want to start it with a strong foundation of players who are dedicated to our cause. If you meet the conditions below, please fill out the application and we will email you if you have been chosen. If selected there is a 21 day probationary period to gauge your dedication to the guild.

•18+ Mature Adults
•Ability to use TeamSpeak
•PvE and PvP Focus
•Able to hunt with the pack (Questing and eventually PvP)
•North America
•Must be or want to be a Werewolf

Currently Recruiting:
•1 - Den Caretaker
•1 - Alpha
•7 - Pups

Alpha Seer
The Shadow Pack is a denounced sect of the Dark Brotherhood who were afflicted with Hircine's gift. Originally purposed to assassinate high-priority targets in the guise of werewolf attacks, the unstable nature and wavering devotion called for the termination of the pack. Aware of the value in the allegiance of this group of highly skilled assassins, Hircine appeared in the dream of the leader of the The Shadow Pack, Ungolam son of the Ungolim, with visions of the extermination. In a fit of rage, Ungolam and the Shadow Pack tore through Cheydinhal Sanctuary with the thirst of the Dark Brotherhoods blood. Overwhelmed by the number of the brotherhood, Ungolam fled to Daggerfall with what remained of the a Shadow Pack vowing to destroy the Dark Brotherhood. With their new found consecration to Hircine and a new haven, Tamriel will soon witness the rise of the Shadow Pack and the fall of the Dark Brotherhood.

"Silence is the music of life, but we hunt to the tune of death." -Klenser

Klenser (Alpha Seer),
The Seer of The Shadow Pack

Invocation of Hircine

Mighty Lord Hircine, noble Lord Hircine, we come before you in all obeisance and humility, acknowledging your divine authority over the forest and all the lawful prey therein. We invoke you, O Master of the Chase, in your aspect of Alrabeg the Hunter, to look kindly upon the endeavors of these, your worshipers, as we praise you by engaging in the hallowed tradition of the Hunt.

Ever do we respect the Law of Fair Hunt, never taking a quarry that had no chance of escape.

Ever do we respect the Prey, thanking it for its sacrifice in our worship of you.

Ever do we respect the Huntsman, beseeching your permission even as we loose the arrow.

Bless us as we hunt, O Hircine. Help us to hunt with honor, and bring in prey both lawful and bountiful.
The Alpha Seer:

This rank is held by Klenser. The Seer recieves instructions in the form of visions from Hircine himself. Only a select few are chosen to do his work and even fewer given the gift of his visions. With his guidence we will flourish.

Den Caretaker:

The Den is our sanctuary as we are a group bound together by our affliction. Only those deemed worthy by Hircine himself may be invited into out conclave. With the will of Hircine, the Caretaker searches for the chosen and provides direction to the new initiates who wishes to join the pack.

Hunt Leader:

The hunt is an integral part of our pack as we provide sacrifices for our noble Lord Hircine for his graciousness. Unlike the Brotherhood, the Shadow Pack only hunts those with the chance of escape and respect them for its sacrifice to Hircine. The Hunt Leader is the keeper of the Law of Fair Hunt and the one who organizes the pack for weekly raids.


This rank is highly recognized by the Alphas and well respected by the rest of the guild, even feared. They demand respect more to them than to their Alphas. Their loyalty and compassion to the Alphas though is without fail. When things go wrong, the Alphas or the Betas call on these members to help maintain the guild and keep it together. There are 10 spaces in this rank


The backbone of the Pack. The Omegas provide the Shadow Pack the ability to conquer in all our battles and to achieve supreme excellence in the eyes of our Might Lord Hircine.


The Initiate. All those who wish to pledge his or her allegence to Hircine must endure a 21 day initiation process. The group of pups will be assigned to an Alpha who will test the pup's capabilties to provide for the Pack and to prove their loyalty to our cause.


The Pact

We are faithful to our guild
We are respectful to each other
We abide by the Law of Fair Hunt
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The Shadow Pack Comments
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
I am currently a Alpha of my own pack if you wish an alliance contact me.

With the guidance of Apollo, Paris struck down the invincible Aristos Achaion. – i shall do my part to guide The BBoA.
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