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The Shadows of Aldmeri (PS4)
The Shadows of Aldmeri (PS4)

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Crafting
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by ginganinja22.
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About The Shadows of Aldmeri (PS4)
Main How to Apply Members and Ranking
The Shadows of Aldmeri

Our guild is made up of tanky warriors, deadly mages, crafters, tycoons (people to make money), and skilled assassins. Through our fight style, no keep will be out of reach. In addition to capturing keeps, our guild will also focus on single or multiple targets to eliminate. Determined by the difficulty of the target, more people will be chosen to carry out the task. Through teamwork and determination, we will be unstoppable, envied by all of Tamriel.

Or, if you are just looking for a team to go and adventure with, you can find that in our guild too. If an enemy, be it human or creature, is giving you a hard time, make no mistake by calling to your guild (The Shadows of Aldmiri) for support, as support will come, and help you.

We are open to most people who would like to make an alliance with us, just leave a comment.
If you ally with us, you will get a strong support team to help you rush into battle and help you, or a team to sneak into enemy territory and help you perform an ambush.

Our main guild site is located at http://theshadowsofaldmeri.guildlaunch.c...gid=327413
If you apply here, and are accepted, you will be given a launch code which provides immediate access to the guild.

So, Are you up for the task?
Of course you are.

See you in Tamriel, brethren.
Applying for this guild is very easy.
All you have to do is PM me @ginganinja22
Or leave a comment on this page.

Rules for applicants:
*You MUST speak english (as for communication)
*You must agree to try and refrain from using too much vulgar language in guild chat
*You must be in the Aldmiri dominion

Europe time zone is accepted in addition to North America
The number of members on here is outdated, check our main site for the main group!

@ginganinja22 (Guild Leader, assassin)
@Tommy T (Commander, Frontline Tank)
Sleep_eat_play (commander)
Chris (recruit, Frontline)
@Kalamon (Thief or Sorcerer)
@EpicKhanjar (mage)
@Eeda Wulf
Ranking System:

-Higher ranks get to command any rank beneath them.
-Higher ranks get more access to guild bank and first dibs on gear that members find, but have no use for.

*Note- Requirements are subject to change, ranks might be added
*Note- Helping spread word, and clearing dungeons and keeps will also help to increase your rank

Recruit - Start out (initial traning~5 min)
Private - Recruit a member/play >2 hours with guild
Private G2 - Recruit 2 members/play >4 hours with guild
Corporal - Recruit 4 members/play >8 hours with guild
Sergeant- Recruit 8 members/play >16 hours with guild
Segeant first class - Recruit 16 members/play >24 hours with guild
Commander - Play 26 hours with guild + TBA
General - Play 35+ hours with guild + Help capture >5 keeps + TBA
Leader of Guild - Found guild + Search every day for new members + make website + check all applications + Make this list + be me

Tycoon (moneymaker) - PM me about your strategy
Enchanter - PM me/comment
Weapon Smith - PM me/comment
Armor Smith - PM me/comment
Alchemist - PM me/comment
Provitionist - PM me/comment
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The Shadows of Aldmeri (PS4) Comments
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I would love to join your guild. psn mpmarsh
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Me an three friends may be interested please contact me.
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