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The Shadowscale Chronicles: The Talisman of Sithis

Started by piegie101
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Chapter One
Jaree Del removed his dagger from the nobles breast, it had been another monotone contract for the seasoned assassin similar to the ones he had been getting for the past two weeks. Cleaning his blade off he quickly searched the nobles body with practised speed, a purse bulging with septims, a gold ring it was the same trinkets carried by most of his upper class targets untill he found the amulet. At first it seemed nothing special a silver chain with a circle of obsidian etched with a serpentine design, but he could feel the power emanating off of it when he touched it. Quickly snatching it he leaped to the window from which he had entered the house and jumped out into the abandoned streets of Lilmoth.

When he reached the Sanctuary the Black Door questioned Jaree "What is life's only truth?" answering the familiar question he replied instantly and without hesitation "Death my brother." As he entered the familiar halls of the sanctuary Jaree could hear the day to day hustle and bustle of the Dark Brotherhood, in the lounge M'qai was boasting about his latest contract to Skald the only Nord in the Lilmoth sanctuary, Dereloth was preparing a feast in the kitchen and Darjee Ra was giving out contracts. It seemed as if everyone was busy preparing for the celebration in honour if the twentieth anniversary of the reopening of the Shadowscale training facility Jaree himself had trained there and as such was given a place of honour within the sanctuary. It was a golden age for the Brotherhood with the reopening of the Shadowscale training facility, the return of the Night Mother to her crypt beneath the lucky old lady and the reopening of Sanctluaries all overTamriel. "Life is good... For now." He thought to hhimself trying to shake the thought that something bad was coming. As he made his way to the back of the Sanctuary his brothers and sisters kept stoping him to ask about his latest contract, finally reaching his destination the room of Jalisk the scholar. He looked around the cluttered chamber searching for the old Argonian who could tell you the name of all the listeners back to the second era. Finally he spotted him rummaging through a stack of parchment muttering under his breath in Jel.
"Greetings Jalisk." He said startling the old scholar out of his task.
"Wah! Oh it's just you Jaree. What brings you here." Replied Jalisk.
"I have come to ask you about something I found during my latest contract" Jaree said revealing the strange amulet. "This was on the neck of the target and I was wondering if you knew what it is."
"What is this!?! I thought it were only a legend!" Jalisk exclaimed half to himself. "My boy" He said referring to Jalisk. "Do you have any idea what you possess? This is the talisman of Sithis. In all likelihood the noble wasn't wearing it when you entered the house."
"Then why was he wearing it?" Jaree was thoroughly confused now.
"The Talisman of Sithis appears to an assassin who will affect the Dark Brotherhood for years to come, and now it has appeared to you! You must set out for the tomb of Night Mother I will arrange for the listener to meet you there she knows the ancient rites to activate the Talisman. Now go Darjee wants to talk to you about tomorrows celebration.

The celebration went wonderfully. Darjee said a speech about how grateful she was for the support Jaree had given her since he bexame a Shadowscale ten years prior and the whole sanctuary feasted and celebrated deep into the night. Now as Jaree laid down in his bed he said a silent prayer of thanks to Sithis and asked him to protect him on his journey the next day.

Sunlight streaming through the window in his chamber awoke Jaree. Sighing he got up and changed untouched his traveling clothes, a green tunic, light brown pants and a cloak as black as the void. As he made his way to the city gates he wondered what mode of transportation Darjee had acquired for his use. To his surprise she had gotten him a luxury carriage that contained two beds a desk and a chest that had his shrouded armour an elven bow and many arrows.
"Why are there two beds?" He asked Darjee who was waiting outside for him. In answer she smiled mischieviously and gestured to a young Dunmer girl of about 16.
"Jaree this is Tellara she is the newest member of the Dark Brotherhood she will be travelling with you and you shall act as her mentor."
For once in his life Jaree was at a loss for words.
"It is an honour to meet you sir." Tellara said perhaps a bit shyly.
"Darjee I didn't sign up for this!"
"oh stop complaining you have been pestering me for months now for some new family members." Darjee said with an air of finality.
"But... Fine." Jaree sighed.
"Now then." Darjee continued "this carriage will take you as far as Serpents Eye a small border town. After that you will have to find your own transportation."
"Ok" Jaree said starting to climb into the carriage after Tellara.
"One more thing Jaree" Darjee said handing him a ring "take this it will allow you to communicate with me. Farewell!"
"Thank you and farewell!" As Jaree climbed into the carriage he looked back over the city and had a feeling he wouldn't be seeing his home for awhile.
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