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The Shadowscales-Ebonheart Pact-EU-Argonian-RP-PVP-Become A Nightwalker Today!

Started by Drath
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)

We're looking for fearless Argonians who can move in the shadows freely but are not afraid of open combat. First 5 people to apply will get the "Nightwalker" rank immediatly.

We are Argonians born under the sign of the Shadow. We live a life in service to the Kingdom of Argonia and her king. The king has decided to ally with The Ebonhearth Pact, and we can not question his orders. The leader of the Pact, Jorunn has decided we should be largely independent when it comes to attacking enemies. So, we regularly siege enemy towns , castles etc. and weaken the enemy defences so an ally group of Nords can charge in and destroy the enemy. We use light armor and dual wield daggers, swords or axes. We are masters of stealth. Also, some of the higher-ranked members can cast easy spells.

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