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The Shadowscales
The Shadowscales

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by Drath.
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About The Shadowscales
Main Ranks & Joinining The Lore & Members
We are Argonians born under the sign of the Shadow. We live a life in service to the Kingdom of Argonia and her king. The king has decided to ally with The Ebonhearth Pact, and we can not question his orders. The leader of the Pact, Jorunn has decided we should be largely independent when it comes to attacking enemies. So, we regularly siege enemy towns , castles etc. and weaken the enemy defences so an ally group of Nords can charge in and destroy the enemy. We use light armor and dual wield daggers, swords or axes. We are masters of stealth. Also, some of the higher-ranked members can cast easy spells.

1. Shadowscale Shadowmaster
2. Shadowscale Nightwalker
3. Shadowscale Apprentice
4. Shadow-Born


----------------------------ARGONIAN ONLY-----------------------------------

Any Argonian who has a good backstory and is willing to join will pass a test, if he/she succeeds, he/she will be accepted.
We will mostly accept EU players, but if you are willing to wake up at 3AM and go PvPing with us, you can join.
1. Shadowmaster: Leader of the Shadowscales, he is responsible for taking orders from the King of Argonia, and making sure all the members obey it.
2.A Nightwalker: They help the Shadowmaster make decisions and lead the Shadowscales in battle, if the Shadowmaster's unavailable. They can use Expert spells. (they are like second-in-commands)
2.B Mentor: They train recruits until they are ready for battle. They defend the Cave while others are in battle. Mentors get 100 G a month + 10 G for each recruit trained.
3. Apprentice: The Shadowscale will earn this rank when he has made a heroic act in battle. (Heroic acts include, but are not limited to: Running up to the enemy commander and killing him, even if you know they will probably kill you after they are over the shock. Telling a commander a good tactic that he hasn't thought of.)
4. Recruit: They are new to the Shadowscales and they practice the combat tactics of the Shadowscales in caves until their Mentor declares they are ready for battle. They are allowed to attend battles after their Mentor declares they are ready for open battle.
5. Shadowborn: They are born under the Shadow, but they are not yet full members of the Shadowscales. When they pass the test, they will become Shadowscale Recruits.

To Join:

1. You must have an appropriate Jel name. (My name, Drath-E is pronounced like: Ress-e. Creating a Jel name is easy, as there is no real Jel dictionary. You can make up meanings for any word that sounds Jel enough.)
2. You must be an Argonian. Shadowscales are Argonians.
3. You must provide a good backstory which proves you were born under the Sign of the Shadow.
4. You must have a decent base of knowledge of the Elder Scrolls lore.
5. You must be mature. Age don’t matter as long as you can be mature.
6. You must be willing to be IC %85 of the time. This is a roleplay guild.

To join, you must PM me the answers of the following questions:
1: IGN/RP Name :
2: What is your backstory:
3:Are you willing to fight for the Shadowscales and Argonia:

You will then be asked a question about TES lore/general knowledge about creatures. It will probably be easy, as it will mostly be from the Skyrim loading screens.
(As the only things we know about the Shadowscales are that they served their country as assassins and later they became a branch of The Dark Brotherhood, I have taken the libery of making up stuff.)
It all started with the birth of Aree-E-Drass, which means "Scales Of Shadow". He was, of course born under the Sign Of The Shadow. Both his mother and his father were bandits, living in a cave. One day, a son of Threeh-Kai, the wealthy slavemaster, decided to walk into the cave. That would be the biggest and the last mistake of his life. I don't think I have to explain what they did to him. They found 50.000 gold pieces in his pockets. They quickly packed up and hit the road. They attacked some travelers on the road, stealing their clothes and jewelry, and killing the unlucky travelers. They headed to Helstrom, which is where the wealthiest families live.
When they arrived in Helstrom, they convinced everybody they were relatives of Kanee-Ra, a known adventurer who was last seen 20 years ago, on the way to Elsweyr. They said he was living a wealthy live in a Khajiit city. It was a lie, of course. He died on the road, killed by a werecrocodile. But that's irrelevant.
The family soon made friends with the King himself. By that time, Aree-E-Drass was 10, and he was stealing stuff for his family so they didn't go bankrupt, but he also stole from his mother. Just one gold a day, so she wouldn't notice it. He would usually disappear for a few hours after he stole the gold.
One day, while the king was walking in the market, he saw a kid appear from thin air, steal a ring from the Jewelcrafter, and disappear again. He was curious, so he told his guards to not chase the thief.
He started walking in the market everyday, at the exact same time. And he always saw the same thing. Kid appears, he steals, and disappears. The king decided to catch that kid and put him in the army. One day, while he was walking, he saw a kid appear in a dark corner. He came closer, and saw that he was counting his loot. He then said to the kid, "What are you doing?". The kid replied, "Sir, please don't throw me to jail. My mother forces me to steal!". "I will not put you to jail, but you will serve me until your death. I will pay you if you want." said the king. The kid accepted without thinking.
They told his mother and his father he was eaten by a werecrocodile. They cried for days. The kid was sad he had to live without his family, but he soon got over it and forgot who his mother was.
When he got 20, he took the King's permission, and found and trained all the kids who were born in Second Seed. Thus began the Shadowscale Order, men and women who served the King of Argonia until their death.
The Shadowscales started as an organization who assasinated people for the King, but they became loyal guards of the King and the main force of the Argonian Army. In the Second Era they were the richest and the most respected people in the Black Marsh. Most of them were killed when fighting with the Altmer army near the Imperial City. Few of them survived. The remaining fled to their Cave and Drath-E was chosen the Shadowmaster. He is looking for talented Argonians who are born in Second Seed to rebuild the Shadowscale Order. He received a letter from The Dark Brotherhood, which asked the Shadowscales to become a part of the Brotherhood. He accepted it immediatly, hoping to find some talented Argonians in the Brotherhood.
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