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The Sharktapi
The Sharktapi

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by TheCrunchyMuffin.
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About The Sharktapi
Main Rankings Guild Rules
Please do not laugh at our silly name. For, we could probably crush your puny guild on site. We are a guild full of animals with the head of a shark and the body of an octopus. We are abominations that the Queen has sent out to fulfill our quest to take the ruby throne. FOR THE QUEEN!!!

Here is a link to our Twitter, please follow or else you will not be able to find out were our PvP and PvE raids will be,

Team players that can work together and have fun playing with others within the group.
Also welcome lone wolves that can take matters into their own hands

Your main character must align into the guild's faction, The Aldmeri Dominion
Be an active member of the guild and contribute to guild events, raids, and so forth both pre-release and post-release.

The leadership will organize and provide events for both hardcore and casual raiders. Normally, we feature multiple tiers of raiding to accommodate the necessity of our varied player base, creating a range of experiences where pretty much everyone in our roster will be able to take part, if they wish. We always organize our crafters so players dedicated to that game aspect are rewarded with titles and positions within the community, helping the guild move forward by providing vital items or consumables. Be it to participate in progression raids or just to explore all contents of the game more casually, the Sharktapi is a good place to be.
Rank 1: Recruit. to rank up to "Page" you must be in Sharktapus for four days and reach level 5

Rank 2: Page. to rank up to "Knight" you must memorize the first four rules of the Sharktapus Guild and recite to SP god or one of the four Kings

Rank 3: Kinght. to rank up to "Tank" you must memorize all 11 rules and recite to SP god or one of the four Kings.

Rank 4: Tank. to rank up to 'Private" you must be in Sharktapus for 30 days and memorize the 11 rules and recite to one of the five lesders and reach level 10

Rank 5: Private. once a ''Private'', you may recruit people to join Sharktapus but you have to tell us the people you recruit so we can regester them on our website.To become a "Colonel" you must know all the rules(which you will recite to a king), be in Sharktapus for 40 days, and at least have recruited 4 people.

Rank 6: Colonel. to become a "General" you must be in Sharktapus for 60 days, recruit 8 people and know all 11 rules which you will recite to a King

Rank 7: General. you are now the highest rank in Sharktapus. You are now a Leader and may do as you please (recruit/kick people from clan) You may only kick people if they have violated one/multiple rules. The ONLY way to become a king is if one resigns from place as King or voted out by other kings. Once a place for King is Open, we will contact all generals in Sharktapus and hold an election.

Rank 8: King (Only four Kings). You may do ANYTHING to the clan (changes etc.) You may only become Sharktapus god if you are next in line for SPgod when he/she leaves. (King I, King II, King III, King IV)

Rank 9: Sharktapus god. Overall comander,Chief,CeO,President. ALL members of Sharktapus must obey your command.
1: Always follow a dirrect command givin by the Sharktapus god and the four kings.

2: Do not violate the terms of service for the ps4 network.

3: Do not Dos Attack, exploit, or issue hack threats to non guild members.

4: Do not harrass users via personal messages or party chats.

5: Do not impersonate any users, Higher-ups or subordinates.

6: Drug use is your own personal buisness, do not make it ours.

7: You must be at least 12 years old to join Sharktapus unless we let you join.

8: We have a zero tolerance policy within clan drama. If you want to start a fight, find someone else to provoke. You start drama within the clan, You are GONE.

9: always stay in uniform. (clan tag/guild tag)

10: While in Sharktapus, you cannot be apart of any other gaming community on the same console as your member ship.

11: Cussing is allowed, just use them in moderation
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The Sharktapi Comments
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Very professional.I recommend this guild to anyone.
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