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The Situation of Necromancers (II)

Started by Idriar
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On the Undead


The Tribunal condemns civilised necromancy as does the tradition of ancestor worship. Actually, the Dark Elves perform necromancy upon their own ancestors: Ancestor shrines, Waiting Doors, Ghost Fences and Guardian Spirits are all necromantic rituals. Fact is, Dunmer don´t tolerate civilised Necromancy inflicted upon Dunmer corpses, or outlander necromancers. The Telvanni for instance are masters of necromancy, they use it but only upon animals and non-Dunmer, which are less than animals in Morrowind. Still, witchhunters are highly respected persons, even if they are treated like scum like everyone else.

Field summoning is preferred. The tombs of the families are closely guarded, a missing corpse would be detected within hours. However, slaves can be legally purchased or illegally abducted from the farms and killed to obtain corpses. The Sloads for instance buy large numbers of slaves, sometimes every single slave avaiable.

Morrowind's climate is mostly moderate in the central plain. The Velothi mountains and the Isles in the north are of a cold climate. The ashen lands, which are mostly present on Vvardenfel, have a unique climate. The dry air is filled with numerous vapors, which either conservate a corpse or destroy it. Corpses may much faster suffer fungal infestation. The border lands to Black Marsh are humid and hot.

Black Marsh

Not much is known about the Argonian people and what their tribes think about necromancy. It is foolish as non-Argonian to enter the marshlands and poisonous swamps. No one can survive there but the creatures native to the area. The only known necromancers in Black Marsh are the Sloads, who never leave the mangrove, brackish coastline for the inner swamps. Most likely they purchase Argonian slaves like the Dark Elves do in the north from the archons of the tribes.

No form of summoning is preferred.

The north of Black marsh is a plain fen, wet and humid. No comparison to what the land is like inside. The swamp is hot and humid, poisonous and deadly.

It doesn´t matter whether you are a necromancer or their enemy. Don´t go to Black Marsh. All you will find is Knahaten flu.


The Khajiit show little interest in their deceased, you won´t receive much more than a confused smile or a shrug for disturbing the peace of the dead, who are not burried at a special location, but carelessly covered with sand and stones in the desert. But if there happens to be a problem with undead, be assured they will seek the service of a witchhunter in no time. Before the Knahaten Flu, the southern jungle cities, especially Senchal, were known for their great markets any good could be purchased at. Also fresh corpses and skeletons. Airships of the Sloads could be seen visiting the southern coast cities at a weekly schedule.

Plain summoning was preferred in the south, intradimensional in the north. After Knahaten, Plain summoning is used in what is left of Elsweyr.

The desert of Elsweyr is mostly sand, little rock while theTenmar forest in the south is hot and humid. Knahaten flu has made most of the land unvisitable.


Bosmer bury their corpses under the roots of their sacred housing trees, so that they become one with the bark. By that they want to make sure their ancestors find their way to their after life in Aetherius. It is highly unwise for a stranger to try to obtain one of these. Wood Elves also consume the corpses of their foes, fashioning their bones into clothes, weapons and armor. To find corpses in Valenwood is a near impossible and a highly dangerous task. Though, resourceful necromancers could legally purchase tools, clothing and weapons and try to rebuild a skeleton from the material. Wood Elves have no use for witchhunters, as they take care of intruders violating their ancestors of their own.

The Imga also live in Valenwood, dwelling abandoned Imperial holds and trade posts. Their culture resembles the Altmeri culture, which can be found below. The Imga detest necromancy and would most likely ask for the service of witchhunters, if not the Bosmer did the job already.

No form of summoning is preferred.

Valenwood is a dense jungle, not as hot and humid as Black Marsh or Tenmar, but much more vertical, with trees as tall as the White-Gold Tower.

Summerset Isles

As mentioned before, the noblemost High Elves are allowed to study on corpses with the means of mysticism, restoration and necromancy to find a way to enlonger their life spans beyond the thousand years Arkay already gave the Elvish people. Mannimarco was one of them. Though, their ancestral worships condemns necromancy as a violation of their ancestors, disturbing the peace of their souls in Aetherius. Necromancers of any race else than Altmer are executed on spot. Unfortunately it is near impossible to gain access to the Blessed Isles. Especially Alinor is closed for the people of the continent and also Auridon is also hardly visited.

No form of summoning is preferred.

The Isle of Auridon has a moderate climate while Alinor ranges from hot and humid jungles in the south to a sand and rock desert in the centre.


The submarine realm of Thrass is home to the mightiest necromancers of all Tamriel, probably of all Mundus, the Sloads. Being located underwater it can be only reached by magic of breathing underwater or in submarine vessels. The Sload are a weird people, resembling a sluggish and slimey mountain of flesh with somewhat humanoid features, lacking any emotion and compassion. Still their magic usage is highly profound, especially their necromancy. Unfortunately Sloads do not talk about themselves or their people, so little is known about them and their arts of necromancy.

It is unknown how the Sload raise their corpses.

The climate of Thrass is unknown and hard to tell, as it is submarine.

Dacesco Fodiari
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