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The Skooma Brewers
The Skooma Brewers

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Casual
Focus : PvE, PvP, Crafting
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by joeyn69.
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About The Skooma Brewers
The Skooma Brewers

Skooma the Highly addictive Narcotic known throughout all of Tamriel. Many fear Skooma and are afraid to get hooked on its addictive and highly relaxing effects. We would like to tell you that Skooma is nothing to fear and brewed correctly from our secret halls in the depths of Daggerfall the skooma we produce can even be beneficial.

We are the Skooma Brewers and while we may be small, we make the purest and tastiest skooma in the lands. We make all our skooma from handpicked ingredients and no enchantments are used. Join with us and learn the secrets of The Skooma Brewers


The Skooma Brewers are a casual guild played on the Daggerfall Covenant and accepting any race. We play PvE more than PvP, but are into both, but as said are quite casual. Our focus for the guild is to provide a play environment where casual players can get together and chat with each other and provide each other with useful items throughout the game. We don’t wish to grow very big, but if we find many interested players we are open to it.

There will be recruitment requirements when we get bigger, but for now anyone is welcome to join.

We will hold promotion races within the guild too. This will provide a time for the guild to get together and collect materials together to put into the guild bank and help each other out. It will also allow for promotions through the guild, rising to the rank of officer and allowing for more decisions to be made within the guild. This is supposed to be casual and an enjoyable time and not meant to be a competitive guild.


When you first join the guild you will have automatic access to the guild bank and allow to deposit and withdraw whatever it is you need within the guild bank.

We do ask that if you frequently withdraw from the guild bank that you also deposit items back into it too that you think others might use. This guild is largely crafting based and if we all help each other and provide crafting materials we can really enjoy the game.


We try to play a least once a day, and are going to continue to update the page and provide other pages so the guild can have more access to each other and information as needed.

We hope you are interested in joining The Skooma Brewers and if so leave a reply and we will respond as soon as we can.
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Add me my gamer tag is hiddin2urleft
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