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The Sons of Storm [RvR / PVP / LGBTQ Friendly]

Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvP, Crafting
Time Zone : Other

Guild submitted by Scoots.
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About The Sons of Storm [RvR / PVP / LGBTQ Friendly]
Main Guild Ranks
Hello, Thank you for taking a look at this guild ad. My alias is Scoots, and I am going to cover the basic ideals of this idea, the Sons of Storm by asking myself questions, and answering them.

Q. What is the goal of the Sons of Storm?
A. The Goal of the Sons of Storm is to create the bond gamers crave, the bond that brings players together and creates friendships for years to come, forged in the fire of the group objectives which we will find taking the fight to our rival factions in years to come.

We aim to create a safe environment where everyone is welcome. Those who do not make others welcome, will be waned, and if they continue, promptly eliminated.

Q. Why PvP and RvR? Why not allow freedom of focus, doesn't that make for a more relaxed group of friends?
A. It is my belief that if do not focus on one thing, you can not achieve anything in the name of your faction. Without a goal, there is nothing to bring together like minds. We are not one of those guilds who will spam invites to people in order to gain numbers, at least, we have not foreseen ourselves becoming something of a great number.

Q.Do the Sons of Storm have a history? If not, why have you chosen to form it?
A. The Sons of Storm do not have a history, in fact, one day I just thought, 'Why not form a guild?', and here we are. The big contributing factor to my desire to form a guild is simple, really. "Where has the community gone?", I am a World of Warcraft player myself, and I have seen our community drained lifeless. It is difficult to make friends in these games anymore. The social interaction just isn't there.

Q. Why did you choose the name 'Sons of Storm'?
A. The Sons of Storm is named after an art group over at Blizzard Entertainment, I really enjoy their art, and I believe they are under-appreciated. So, I formed this guild in honor of the true Sons of Storm.

Q. What do we intend to do in Cyrodil?
A. We will be backing up larger guilds, unless we become one ourselves. We will work on reconnaissance, and special operations the large guilds don't have time for. And we will work on smaller objectives that may go un-noticed by these larger guilds.

Q. What will we do if we become large?
A. That depends on when we become a large guild. If we have a history of dealing with smaller objectives and operations, we will stay true to those roots, while taking the fight to the enemy on the front, in their Fortresses.
Warlord: Spots 1/1
-The Warlord is essentially the guild leader. He makes the decisions beside his chieftains.
Chieftain: Spots 0/1
-The Chieftain is like a co-guild leader, he works with the Shamans and help make decisions.
Warmaster: Spots 0/X
-The Warmaster is a rank that is used to determine who is our greatest fighters, and who leads our attack parties. This job is not filled by the Warlord in most cases, and is reserved for those who display themselves creative, tactical, and intelligent.
-Shaman: Spots 0/3
-The Shaman is essentially an officer. He helps monitor guild materials, keep an eye on news and information concerning the game, and is to keep track of the players, as well as assist in making decisions with the Chieftain and Warlord.
Clansmen: Spots 0/X
-The Clansmen are the average members who have been officially accepted as members of the guild. Consider this the equivalent of a 'Member' rank.
Newblood: Spots 0/X
-The new bloods are people who just arrived in the guild and we are unsure if we want them as of yet. Anyone recruited before launch skips this rank.
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