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The Space Lasers Jesus Guild - XB1 ONLY - Ebonheart Pact - PvP/PvE

Started by Dark Souls Mantra
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A short time ago, in a place that looks a lot like my living room, a bunch of people that have never played mmo's got together and decided they were going to start a guild. Through over 40 seconds of grueling trial, harrowing tribulation, and general discontent over the tyranny of gravity and absence of coherent monochromatic beams of light; The Space Lasers Jesus Guild was born! Rife with the apathetic mumblings of many a disaffected hipster TSLJG aims to do "stuff" in the game. We have no idea what this "stuff" is, but will most assuredly seek out and beg for help from those that do. If you are new to mmo's, don't really care about the role playing aspect of the game, and have a great sense of humor, then this is probably a decent place for you to start. But beware "things" might happen when we are trying to do "stuff" and we will most likely be overwhelmingly unprepared!

It is not that I lack loyalty, in fact it is one of my stronger traits. It just seems that I have a much deeper, more poignant sense of betrayal.
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