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The story of JimmehThaLizard

Started by JimmehThaLizard
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
Firstname - J'meh

Surname - Casa

Title -J'meh The Cured

Sex - Male

Race - Argonian

Age - 25 Years Old

Occupation - I have been a smith, a hunter, explorer, and now I am a miner looking to serve the Ebonhart Pact.

Faction - Ebonheart Pact

Likes - Smithing, swimming, surprising, scaring, fighting, and the smell of a freshly cooked Wamasu.

Dislikes - Deserts, the taste of potions, and a cold winter.

Appearance - I am a Argonian with no horns or hair, 5'7 feet tall and weighs 190 pounds, mainly muscle, a small Argonian with a lower nose then regular Argonians, scars all across my head, and blue eyes that shoot a faint light due to seeing an Elderscrolls.

Personality - I am loyal, strong, serious, sarcastic, rather quiet but whenever someone is snobby I will act like a jerk towards them.

Social Background/Backstory -It all began in 4E 177, when J'meh was born in Stormhold. The mother was killed in 4E 178 by a khajiit thief, and the father was beheaded in 4E 183 for killing a thalmor that was threatening him to hand his son over so they could use him as a slave. J'meh grew up as an orphan and worked with his unlce, a smith named Ha'Jeet Casa, he grew up knowing the basics of smithing and even practiced with his uncle's weapons. After Ha'Jeet Casa had died, he soon began living around in the marsh and hunted Wamasu with weapons his uncle had given him.

It was a hard task and he realized he could not live too long hunting these powerful creatures. He moved to a series of different places, from Blackwood to Bruma then to he crossed the border to Skyrim in 4E 199 and tried to get an elderscroll, so he could sell it and retire. He finally retrieved an Elderscroll, and his curiosity got the best of him and tried to read it. It sent him back in time, specifically to 2E 580 and became blind. Someone found him in the middle of the dwarven ruins he found the Elderscrolls in.

They brought him to Dawnstar in a carriage, and fed J'meh, hoping for J'meh to return the favor and give him services or money. When J'meh regained his sight he worked in the mines and re-payed the favor to the savoir. When J'meh turned 25, which means the time was 2E 583, was when the war between the three powerhouses. He decided he should help his people and joined the Ebonheart Pact.

Best Memory - Crafting my first weapon, which is a regular hunting bow.

Worst Memory - Lying down by his uncle, watching his uncle's last moment of life fade away.

Skills - I am an extremely well rounded character, but mainly focuses on Heavy armor, Smithing, and one handed. I am HORRIBLE at alchemy though, barely using it.

Challenges for the Character - I have horrible eyesight, very short, and easily annoyed.

Birthsign - The Warrior

Religious Views - I worship 8 Divines, don't have any really views with religion, but I will not force mine on anyone.
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