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The Tamriel Marketplace: Crafter Database & Personal Trait Sheet

Started by Sisyphus
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Hey guys. I spent the few days creating something I thought would benefit the ESO community: a platform that connects buyers with crafters and vice versa.

Tamriel Marketplace

You can use it to find a crafter to make a specific item, or fill out your crafter profile and have players seek you out.

I hope you find it useful!

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vigk vagk v2
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i've joined. seems great so far.

hey hey hey... stay out of my shed!
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Something to note for your website admin. When registering, there is the page where you enter in your information to sign up. When you hit "register" it says "Error: Account not verified. Please check your email. ** Check your spam folder **". Instead of trying to automatically sign them in at that page, just say a message on the screen saying to check their email for a confirmation email because of course they haven't confirmed yet: they JUST entered the information to sign up in the first place. Also, when following the confirmation link, it sends to a page that does this:

[Image: TamrielMarketplace_zpsf1689430.jpg]

Just something to polish when the team has a chance.

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