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The three tales

Started by Tosh Raka
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Our story begins on a day not much different from today. The sun was shining on the fresh fallen snow, Lomar was a rather unsightly nord he spent his days working in the old lumber mill south of Falkreath.
The ever constant demand for lumber forced him to work over time eventually he hired two new workers their names were Hert and Hern although he was rather distrustful of them he was grateful for their aid.
One night lomar sat alone drinking his ale when he heard a sound, strangley it sounded like the lumber mill running Lomar ran outside seeing Hert and Hern sawing logs in half he questioned them ask why they would be cutting wood at such a late hour they told him that they preferred to work in the dark and that by doing so it would double his wood output.
Pleased Lomar went back to his house and slept.When fhe awoke in the moring he had a rather nasty scratch on his neck ignoring it he went out and sat on the log pile at the end of the cutter . Hert came to him and began to tell him about aproblem with the saw blade.
Lomar followed Hert into the gear room of the mill she told him sothing was jamming the blade. Lomar got down on his knees and reached into the blade department a loud sound froze his blood the mill started to run and his arm was pulled into compartment Lomar yelled to Hert asking for help. Hert just looked at him and smiled then walked away closing the door behind her Lomar's arm was pulled into the blade and there he was stuck his arm slowly being ripped apart.
A few hours later some guards men came by hearing the screams they went into the gear box but Lomar was already dead half his body pulled into the blade comparment.
His body was later removed Hert and Hern took up running the lumber mill again it is said that late at night U can still hear the lumber mill running and the endless screams coming from the blade compartment.

Some think us beasts but I embrace this beasts do only what they need to survive and have no emotions thus they show ruthless brutality without hesitation.
So go ahead call me a mindless beast and Ill show u brutality.
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Grimhild Urdenheimr
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Creepy story, but I had to re-read a few parts. The gramatical errors detract somewhat.

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