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The Tide Stalkers : DC: NA : Heavy RP - Pirate Crew

Started by Tazien
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
[Image: tidestalkers_zps7e4c11f0.png]

[Image: elder+scrolls+skyrim+concept+art+docks.jpg]

An old, hooded Breton man glances up from the shadowed docks, his face inscrutable in the dim light of the lanterns. He huffs, approaching and waving a thin stick, which upon closer inspection appears to be some manner of fishing rod.

"Oy, you! Skulkin' round these parts, at this time of night, is a good way t' get yourself gutted like a fish. Haven't you heard? There's an infestation of pirates in these parts. Ain't just on the seas now, oh no. Slimy bilge rats, the lot o' them, I tell you, draggin' their sorry carcasses up on land and sniffin' about. Ruthless, cutthroat, out t' steal coin from us honest, workin' folk.."

The man coughs, leaning against his fishing rod as he pulls his hood down a little lower.

"Bet a tough young adventurer 'n his friends could run 'em back t' the salty grave they crawled from. I'd wager there'd even be coin in it, if you brought them scum back t' the proper authority."

A pause. The Breton chuckles under his breath, tapping the fishing pole against the docks noisily, the sound seeming amplified in the yawning darkness around him. Something splashes in the waters below, and the man starts to turn away.

"Then again, if it's coin ye be lookin' for, I hear there's a crew about what's lookin' to bolster her ranks... if the company o' rats don't turn your stomach."

[Image: whoweare_zps5e1c7929.png]

The Tide Stalkers is a Daggerfall Covenant-based, Heavy Role-Playing guild in the Elder Scrolls Online. A criminal guild focused on piracy and treasure hunting, the Tide Stalkers welcome all races, professions and combat styles to our crew. Though we are a heavy role-playing guild, new and inexperienced RPers are welcome to apply, provided they're willing to learn!

IC Goals

The Tide Stalkers are pirates to the core. We're thieves, and we look out for ourselves first and foremost; we seek wealth and infamy, danger and adventure upon every coast. We brave the harshest waters in our quest for glory, and our reach is long and riddled with the promise of coin. We'll rob, coerce, blackmail and lie our little hearts out if it furthers our agenda... but above all, we are mates bound together through our trials, mischief, and mayhem, and the late evenings spent with good company, a belly full of rum, a song on our lips, and the sand between our toes.

OOC Goals

The Tide Stalkers seek to have fun doing what we love to do; RP! We also hope to foster good relationships with the RP community even if we are a bunch of ne'er-do-wells. Spice and conflict can be fun in moderation, after all; feel free to tangle with us, even if you don't plan on joining us!

We welcome interactions and storylines with other guilds and individual players, and are happy to contribute mischief, combat and all around antagonism to spice up the lives of the RPers around us. That said, we strive to be lore-abiding, mature and fair in our interactions; we may be criminals IC, but friendly communication OOC is key among the Tide Stalkers.

While our primary focus is roleplaying, we will also have a mix of RPPvP events, such as raiding and pillaging towns for the Daggerfall Covenant (or just our own personal gain), as well as RPPvE events with dungeon delving and exploration.

[Image: 63df2d22-6052-47b8-9c26-42565405f36d_zps0e22d384.jpg]
[Image: c841a1e1-19c4-4144-befd-d165c128d09c_zpsbadae700.jpg]
[Image: 5b4d36db-2902-44d3-babb-ead2be19de68_zps1332f5a0.jpg]

Other Details

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Region: North American (US)
RP Type: Heavy
RP Alignment: Criminal
System: PC/Mac

Contacts (On Enjin):

Recruitment Status: OPEN
To be considered for the Tide Stalkers, visit our website and fill out the application form.
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
sounds awesome i may fill out an application soon
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