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The Training Pit

Started by Andremada
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(Ch. 3)

It was a week before training started to go smoothly. Andre did not like the idea of hurting people. It brought him terrible images of when he was little. He knew it was necessary to survive and he overcame it within the next year, but the images still haunt him.

The head of the hammer slightly brushed Azmiros' side. This did not shock Azmiro as it had been close to three years since that first incident at the river. Andre now had broader shoulders and toned muscles from using the hammer so frequently. He had used other weapons to train with before but nothing strikes his fancy like the warhammer. It wasn't long before it was the only weapon he liked to use.

Azmiro jumps back instantly and blocks and parries to his right above his head without looking at where the warhammer was going. Andres fighting style was as familiar to Azmiro as his own. Andre came down with his hammer and was brushed to his left as a feather. Azmiro then comes in towards Andres stomach with a thrust that barely missed as Andre pivots his hands holding the hammer and turns sideways. Azmiro stumbles forward as his thrust hits thin air and ducks as the hammer swings towards his back so that it also hits nothing but air. Azmiro however, could not avoid the slight kick on his shoulder to stagger him as he was on the ground. Andre quickly back peddles to create some distance between them. With Andre holding a two handed weapon and Azmiro holding the short one handed weapon, distance was Andres ally. Azmiro went on the offensive and ran at Andre with his sword in front of him. Andre held the hammer in front of him in a defensive position expecting a blow to his left shoulder or left temple. Azmiro instead grabbed the hammer conveniently in front of him with his left hand and touched Andres chest with his sword.

"You're getting better." says Azmiro. "Not good enough." replies Andre.
"That's okay Andre, you're far stronger than any 10 year old that will be in the training pit. I'm quite positive most of them chose the sword or axe."
"Strength doesn't win battles and you know that. I appreciate the compliment though."
"I believe in you Andre, being born under the birthsign of the steed, along with the strength to boldly hold a warhammer. You have much potential."
"Potential doesn't win battles either. How do you think I will do against my first opponent?"
"Win or lose, you will do excellent Andre."

They then left the river and traveled back to the village. The river had become a symbol of growing to Andre. Growth within himself, growth to the crops in the field, growth to the trees on the opposite bank. He saw life in the water. It became nostalgic. Thinking of the flowing change of the river is the only reason he slept much at all that night. His mind was flooded with thoughts of the battle to come in the training pit, images from his childhood, and the flow of a river to calm him.

It was her again. That woman with the necklace. This time the dream was different however. There was a sword in her gut and a man holding the necklace on her neck. He ripped it off as a wolf rips meat off of it's prey. It was then that she yelled for me to run. The man looked at me with eyes of rage. Eyes he could not forget. Filled with thirst for spilling blood. Eyes that could strike fear into any foe. He also saw another new face. A man fending for more than his life, but also for mine. He grappled with the evil man for what seemed like minutes, hours, days, months, Andre had no concept of how long it could have been. But that it felt like an eternity. He did not turn and run until he saw the good man get a sword in his chest.

Andre woke up late due to lack of sleep. "ANDRE!" came that familiar bellow from Azmiro, "Get up! You're already late for your first fight in the training pit!"
"Who am I fighting?" Andre asked.




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you're back stories are very interesting to read.... keep up the good work!!

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