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The Travelers of Light PS4 NA Primary DC

Started by KillerFuzzyBunny
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Im looking for new members to join my guild

Currently we are 20 members strong with players in all lvl ranges. The guild bank is ran like the change jar in a gas station and so far has been very successful with the need something or give something mentality. Our guild bank is always close to full with good items to use.

As far a crafting goes we have members that are well versed in different areas of crafting and you'll always find someone to help you craft specific items.

As far as myself the guildmaster KillerFuzzyBunny I've been a day one player who is always willing to lend a hand in any circumstance related to the game.

Anyone who gives the guild a try is gifted 2k just for trying us out after 10 days of being a member. I know its not a lot but its a way to show our appreciation for your time and how we want to build a better guild.

Platform: PS4
Server: North America
Primary Covenant: Daggerfall
Guild Status: Casual to Hardcore pve and pvp
Members currently: 0-20
Favorite Soda: Orange Crush
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