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The Trinity
The Trinity

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Aldmeri Dominion
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Orlanden.
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About The Trinity
Notice: We are an RP first, PvP/PvE second guild.

[Image: trinity.jpg]

The way the guild was truly formed is no short story. It's a tale of a highly unlikely friendship that comes about in the midst of a battle. A Bosmer and Atlmer by the names of Railen and Sorvwen had been friends as close as brothers for many years of their long lives. One day during a destructive battle against Colovian forces in Valenwood, they met Do'zar who was a freelance Khajiiti warrior who was hired on to aid the Khajiit militia in the battle that day. One thing led to another after Railen saved his life and Sorvwen battled the Colovians at his side. The Colovian forces were closing in on their location, so the three retreated south and didn't stop until they reached their camp.

After a bit of a rough start, Railen and Sorvwen learned to trust Do'zar and him, them. They decided to form a freelance group, knowing there was far more money to be made that way rather than doing military grunt work. A couple successful years went by until one day, after Queen Ayrenn officially formed the Aldmeri Dominion by uniting the races of the southern provinces, they decided to form a guild. Each one of them would lead a sect of their respective talents which was that of the ranger for Railen, the sorcerer for Sorvwen, and the warrior for Do'zar. They came up with the name The Trinity which represented three individuals of different races and their three different fighting styles. Their intent was noble and they wished to aid the Dominion in the retaking of the Imperial City, which if you know your history, rightfully belongs to the Altmer, anyway.

Along with that, they took on freelance work still, too. A job that was no doubt going to be difficult nearly lead to the guild's demise after close to fifty members were ambushed and killed. Some were supposedly able to flee, but they never returned to the guild. A few days before, Railen picked up two brothers in Port Velyn to aid in this job. After Railen was shot with an arrow to the gut, the brothers, Orlanden and Braev, were able to get him to safety. Before he died, he told them it was their destiny to take over and rebuild The Trinity. From then on up to the present day, the brothers have been actively seeking ourt and recruiting new members which leads us to this question: Are you next?

You can find the full story here. We encourage any serious Aldmeri Dominion roleplayers to visit our website and have a look around. Under the 'About Us' section, you'll find the summary above and an up to date FAQ. If you wish to join our ranks, simply fill out the application under the 'Join Us' section on the site.

We currently have three remaining officer positions open. The duty of these three officers will be to lead their respective branch of combat (Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer), train them, and overall, indulge yourself in deep and immersive roleplay.

Don't forget to have a look at our forums and if you have any questions at all, feel free to PM me (Orlanden) on our site, post a comment below, or post under our Not A Guild Member? Click Here! forum.
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
Is this PS4?
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(October 19th 2013, 07:29 AM)Blakeus Wrote: Is this PS4?

PS4 It is
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