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The Veiled Legacy [AD-NA, Heavy]

Started by Faer'veren
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Aldmeri Dominion
"I pledge my life and soul to the Heritance, and to the Veiled Queen. May her legacy live on."

Once there were rumours circulating on Auridon of an organisation called 'The Veiled Heritance', a group of Altmer nationalists who condemned Queen Ayrenn and the Aldmeri Dominion. To them, every Khajiit and Bosmer to set foot upon their sacred islands insulted the traditions that had been in place for centuries. To them, the Summerset Isles were for the Altmer alone, and these true Altmer would require no aid from cats and midgets to achieve their goals. They grew large enough to be a threat to the throne, but they were thwarted.

Their pamphlets have since been burned, but there will always be those who value tradition above desperate alliances, and there will always be those who do not wish for a child upon the Altmeri throne but for an experienced, wise traditionalist to lead their people to glory. As the Aldmeri Dominion marches on the Imperial City, unrest once more finds its way to the spires and forests of Auridon, as whispered rumours of a resurgence find their way to long ears.

Those who dare speak out against the queen might find a small note in their favourite tome or beneath an ornate goblet, telling them of locations where those who don the veil gather. If an Altmer wishes to don the veil, they should find themselves there without having been followed and utter the following words:

'I have been betrayed.'

Who are we?

The Veiled Legacy is a small role-play guild focusing on Veiled Heritance-themed role-play first and foremost; the veil shown to the outside world and ruthless nationalism hiding beneath it. We are currently looking for like-minded Altmer, and Altmer only, to join the cause.

We are offering at this time very high quality role-play encounters with the depth a covert, secret organisation can provide. We aim to have role-play events with varied themes but focused on the struggle on Auridon and within the Dominion. We are more than happy to be working with other guilds, and we are always willing to co-operate with the community of role-players on Auridon (and Tamriel as a whole) either as allies or enemies.

We welcome Altmer from all walks of life - from the farmer who had his cattle stolen by Bosmer to the marine captain who refuses to serve alongside Khajiit. However, the character must be willing to pledge his or her soul to the cause - a magical pact involving a Black Soul Gem from which one cannot easily withdraw. As such, infiltration attempts are not wanted, unless discussed on an OOC level with the guild master.

Because of the nature of the guild, we do not require a member to have it as their 'main guild', since an Altmer wearing the veil can be found anywhere. However, it is expected to role-play regularly with the members of the guild and to help further the plots and schemes you come up with. Keep in mind that those who don the Veil are required to work with subtlety when interacting with the misguided public so suspicion is not roused.

Roleplay among the guild members and the regular, unenlightened Mer of Auridon is welcomed and encouraged to further our storylines and character development. It is always very pleasing to log in to guild members roleplaying together without my guidance or encouragement to do so, and members are expected to use initiative to bring new events and reports to the Veiled Council.

Guild ranks:

Veiled Lady - The guild leader, myself.

Officer - Officers who help manage the guild IC and OOC who have earned their position with hard work or flattery.

Heritants - Members who make it past their IC trial become Veiled Heritants within two weeks of joining.

Initiates - Recruits who are awaiting or undergoing trial to become a fully fledged Veiled Heritant.

Benefactor - Those who wish to aid the cause of the Veiled Legacy yet do not fully believe in it, or have their own agenda (private or otherwise).

Associate - Those who are unknowing or unwillingly helping or acquaintances with the Veiled Legacy, largely an OOC rank.

Associates and other interested parties:

There is a thread open on our website to those who want to get in touch with the Veiled Legacy - all you need to do is tick "Other" upon application and you miss most of the application process. You are more than welcome and encouraged to send letters, leave notes etc for any form of communication.

If you are wishing to simply collaborate or correspond with the Veiled Legacy please note that who to actually address a letter to would not be known - however, any desire to send a letter and the act of doing so will ensure that a letter is received by the right people.

All - Heritant, associate or opposition - are welcome to post in our Rumours section regarding the Heritance. Should you be actively searching for the Veiled Heritance to join you may write as such here so we can contact you IC - should you be actively working against the Heritance you are also encouraged to write as such to create interaction and conflict! If you are not officially a Veiled Heritant please keep in mind information about the Veiled Legacy will not be easy to come by.

Opposing parties:

If you are wanting to set yourself/guild/company as an opposing force and are actively seeking their communication, members or location it may be possible to intercept correspondence. This must be discussed with the guild leadership prior to any action - however, if you have permission then you may also respond to a posted letter on the website if it has not yet been received detailing the situation.

Feel free to use the method of seeking us out mentioned above, or whisper me @Faerveren in-game to find another way of joining if that would suit you or your character better. You may also contact us if you are after antagonists for your storyline or if you are simply curious about the guild.

Who are the Veiled Legacy looking for?


Altmer! Those who are unhappy with the Dominion, or more 'neutral' parties indifferent to the throne. Any Altmer that I can interact with and sow the seeds of doubt and unrest through subtle methods IC. Even if your character is not yet of a supremacist mind set, if you are interested then we can come to an arrangement of how your character can become involved. I am specifically looking for players of a high quality who can interact with other guild members without my presence to scheme of your own accord, and can take initiative and do not need to be 'spoonfed' roleplay.

- Ruthless, eloquent politicians. As the guild reaches further upwards, into the political landscape of the Summerset Isles we need individuals who can do whatever it takes for humanity to survive with the use of charm and charisma. Diplomats and ambassadors also fall under this category.

- Mages: to play this role you as a player should be able to portray magic well in emotes and behaviour.

- Experienced soldiers and combat experts for the more brutal side of things. Again, this role requires the ability to portray such convincingly.


Non-Altmer! These are wonderful creatures truly to be manipulated, worked against or blamed to bring discontent among the Dominion. If you are a willing to associate your character with the Veiled Legacy - knowingly or unknowingly - I would very very much like to hear from you.

Neutral parties, or those who simply want to bring some misery to the world. With the change of leadership ICly, my character would be actively seeking to co-operate with those who simply do not care either way, or who want to see an end to the Dominion. I am also more than happy to work with people from other factions for whatever reason. If my character sees it can be a beneficial union, she shall see it done.

Opposition - Anyone who is willing to put an end to the Veiled Legacy should speak IC or OOC with @Sarinteal the leader of the Thalmor Inquest who are actively seeking to end the reign of the traitorous High Elves. If you would prefer to work directly against the Veiled Legacy, you are also welcome to contact myself!


- Informants on all factions, whether they are knowing or not of their true intentions.

- House hold staff:
> Guardsmen, mercenaries, brutes, thugs - Please note that Kaetlyn Faer'veren will have very high expectations of retainers and demand a professionalism and experience that is befitting to the relevant role. Also requiring these roles with leadership (IC and OOC) experience for ranks with authority. Do not necessarily have to be of a Heritant mindset for this role, it only makes things interesting.

> A chef, a craftsman, a merchant and servants. Everyone needs food, wares and a finely crafted blade. In the everyday life of all characters, types like these are to be encountered, and I know there are many who role-play such characters wonderfully. These characters do not have to be Heritants or swear any oath, but they must be able to work with discretion and it also gives the Heritants a reason to stay on their toes and watch their words. We would welcome anyone simply wishing to test out AD roleplay or have something different to do. And hey, with the new /sweep and /rake emotes being introduced there will always be something to do!

> Kaetlyn Faer'veren is also seeking a personal assistant to aid with arranging meetings, tasks and other such minor but important administrative matters, general upkeep of her home and welfare of her child. This role can also be similar to a personal handmaiden for a more feminine and less professional roleplay at times. Will be well rewarded with lots of roleplay and kindness! Altmer preferred.

Contact myself in game @Faerveren, via private message or on Enjin (Faerveren) if you would be interested in fulfilling any of these roles. The Veiled Legacy has once again opened the doors for recruitment so if you even just fancy trying some AD/Altmer/villainous roleplay we would gladly welcome new members to trial!

The Veiled Legacy
"For the Veiled Queen!"
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Faction & Race:
Aldmeri Dominion
Updated, edited and bumped!

Re-open for recruiting, please contact myself or @Hartiganhero in game.
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