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The Weapons Cache

Started by Shadowthrone
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I'm a really excited to see what the devs added aside from what we've seen from skyrim. There were variety of weapons one can choose. From pigstickers to war axes, from staves to maces. etc. I'm expecting new content for the weapons.

Ok. so let me start this. most of the games i play i prefer to use bows or any ranged weapons available. so i really wanna see a few more instore for players like me who use long range weapons. i think throwing weapons would be a great idea. they could be like arrows which can be found under the item tab. it could be useful, if like you want to range kill someone and you're a dagger wielding assassin. another thing is that,maybe we can get a kill cam throwing a melee weapon into a dying enemy. its like when a low health bandit is running for his like you can just throw your axe at him and it gets buried in his skull. cool right? but you still have to pick up your weapon afterwards. or maybe an button for "throw weapon into enemy" command?

a spear or a pike would be nice addition too :))

So to my fellow dovahkiin, lets have your ideas on what you want to see and lets discuss armaments. :))
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The Elsweyr Confederacy

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Closed on request.

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