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Thedric Montrellion

Started by Took an arrow in the knee
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NOTE: This character is not to be confused with the chars under the name Thedric used in several ongoing RPs. While the names are the same they are different people.

Firstname - Thedric.

Surname - Montrellion.

Title - None.

Sex - Male.

Race - Breton.

Age - 35.

Occupation - Templar/knight and witch-hunter.

Faction - Daggerfall covenant.

Appearance - Straight black hair with streaks of white swept mostly to the left and that on the right of his scalp his flat against his head. Startling blue eyes and slightly pale skin and a fit build from simply moving around in lots of heavy armour with a rather narrow nose and chin and raised cheekbones. Somewhat sunken eyes and cheeks and a slight moustache and beard around his thin lips. He's about average height for his race, maybe an inch or two taller, and has surprisingly thin hair and skin that feels something like softened leather but with none of the toughness.

Equipment - Weapons of choice are a silver sword and dagger plus a crossbow with silver inlay he carries on his back with a "quiver" on his hip filled with steel, and some silver, bolts. His most common apparel is a steel plated helm that covers his entire face with a purple plume running horizontally across the top. The rest of his armour is heavy steel plate-mail covering him from head to toe over top of chain mail armour. Often he will have a long heavy purple cape that covers his shoulders as well as his back. He also carries a rectangular steel plate tower shield on his arm. When not wearing his armour he will often wear a quilted purple hooded robe with shoes and gloves of the same colour.

Personality - He does not anger very easily nor is he calmed down easily if he does. He can be a bit quick to assume and will often speak his mind even if it's hurtful and will put things simply and bluntly. More of a realist he will not try and comfort others or try and make them feel good nor will he try and make them feel bad though he does tend to have a more dull outlook on most thing than others. He does not trust others lightly as trust is everything to him. As such he will take secrets he is entrusted with to the grave and will never break a pact, oath or promise if possible though everyone slips up... he can also cannot refuse a dare or challenge and as such has fought in many duels.

Social Background/Backstory - Born and raised in Daggerfall Thedric was born to a fairly middle-upper class family, his father was a clerk and his mother was a jeweller and appraiser. As a child Thedric never really had friends as he preferred his solitude, as such he was always an "underdog" of sorts.

Growing up in Daggerfall Thedric grew fond of the city, the sights, the sounds, the smells... it all enchanted him. What fascinated him the most though were the knights, wizards and witch-hunters that passed through the city. Whenever he was afforded the opportunity he would question these individuals about their professions and spent hours of his childhood daydreaming about becoming a knight.

At the age of sixteen a family friend came visiting Daggerfall who happened to be a Templar and regaled Thedric with tales of magic, adventure, knighthood and more. Thedric knew that if he wanted to become a knight himself he needed to witness first hand what it was really about so he joined the family friend as his squire.

He travelled across all of High Rock in service to the knight and even some places further such as northern Hammerfell and north-eastern Cyrodiil but none of it was as grand as his beloved Daggerfall and by the age of twenty-one he had become a full knight Templar himself and a witch-hunter.

After that he spent years either hunting for witches, Daedra, necromancers and others of the sort and bringing them to justice or serving the realm as best he could as a knight.

When a call to arms was issued by the high king Thedric signed up as fast as he could in order to both defend his homeland and bring justice to the Daedra worshippers.

Best Memory - Learning about knights and witch-hunters.

Worst Memory - None really, he had a fairly normal, uneventful life until he set out after which he never really had any scarring experiences to give him bad memories.

Skills - Proficient with blades, heavy armour, blocking, crossbows, restoration, alteration and destruction for mostly minor practical use but is capable of wielding it effectively in combat.

Challenges for the Character - Doesn't have many challenges though he sometimes questions what he's doing is really for the good and maybe things are backwards.

Birthsign - The Lord.

Religious Views - Staunchly worships the divines and has taken something of a liking to the Redguard and Altmeri pantheon and respects them but does not worship them like he does the divines.

Political Views - He is very engaged in the politics of High Rock and fights for Emric to see the restoration of order and trade across Tamriel whilst keeping the oppressors at bay but places his homeland above any monarch.

Other - Thedric is very fond of cheese and more "refined" food and drink such as wine and steak rather than mead and roasts over a fire. He likes the colours purple, blue and red the most and detests yellow. His favourite word is "Wakizashi". He only drinks alcoholic beverages every other week and only wears something green in months with the letter "N" in their name. He enjoys whistling and humming and singing short tunes and jingles. He carries a jade tablet in his pocket with him at all times with an inscription in some alien language to him that he can't seem to read but he carries it in hopes it will bring him good luck. It has yet to do so thus far. He is also allergic to pets such as dogs and cats.
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