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Theodastyr Direnni (Hypothetical Character)

Started by AdamMeier
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Aldmeri Dominion
(DISCLAIMER:) I have no intention of releasing this as an actual character in the TESO world unless my research on the mentioned customs and lore below are correct and the character receives positive review. The idea of a Direnni Breton is wild and practically stupid to me, as I personally believe it is impossible. But it was interesting to create.

Firstname - Theodastyr
Surname - Direnni
Title - of Dwynnen, High Rock.
Sex - Male
Race - Breton
Age - 21
Occupation - Adventurer
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion
Appearance - Strong Altmeri features, blue eyes, dark blonde hair, one eye.
Personality - Erudite, stubborn,

Social Background/Backstory -
It all started with Shalia of Clan Direnni, being born to former nobles of the same Clan who were left behind during the retreat of the attempted Redguard invasion of Balfiera.
Edwore Pierrane was a rogue, a drifter, and a drunk who met Shalia by slipping into a party uninvited. Being a well-dressed Breton with a firm composure and a knack for looking inconspicuous, he fit in rather well. Edwore came across Shalia, and later began courting with her.
Shalia knew that having an interracial relationship with a second-class race like a Breton would be a stain on her honour, and kept Edwore away from her peers as much as possible... Until Edwore grew infatuated with the nobleborn Direnni, researching her clan's roots and where they came from.
He grew greedy and ignorant of the ideas of honour and preserving bloodlines, and soon bed Shalia.
...The result was Theodastyr, born out of wedlock and considered a bastard to the Direnni bloodline.

Shalia disappeared just days after Theodastyr's birth. Her parents having reported that a large sum of funds were missing.

Years went by without Shalia returning. Edwore grew restless and angered by the birth of a bastard lowborn half-Breton clansmen like Theodastyr. He had only one task, to gain wealth and fame and was blinded by the idea of such.

When Theodastyr grew to the age of 12, Edwore began parental abuse upon the child nearly every week of his life and refused him to be out and about in public life, even from a proper education. This lead to Theodastyr homeschooling himself with his own creations. Deep thought and clear-minded results to any possibility which came his way. The negative became his positive... Until he grew to an adult age of 18.

Theodastyr was fed with anger of the day Edwore struck him and beat him. And only having one legal result to freedom from his oppressive father, he asked him to a duel. Clearly a son asking his father to a deathmatch was unheard of from Edwore, even though he was clearly seasoned from brawls and spars with his Bretonnic comrades.

Regardless, he accepted. And lost.
Theodastyr Direnni, age 18; slew Edwore Pierrane, age 40, and was deemed a kinslayer.

As per inheritance, Theodastyr was given Edwore's run-down dwelling and what was left of his funds. Using his funds, he signed up as a member of the Mage's Guild, studying under the idea of an anti-magical combat (Witchhunter in other words; or defaulting to a sorcerer, but using melee.).

Just months before the Three Banners War (TESO), Theodastyr was sent to the isle of Alinor, landing in Firsthold for a mission on behalf of the Mage's Guild, continuing work there until the start of the War. It was at this time that Theodastyr cancelled his membership and signed his allegiance to the Aldmeri Dominion.

Best Memory - Joining with the Mage's Guild of High Rock.
Worst Memory - Challenging his father to a duel to the death.
Skills - Philosophy, first aid, anti-magic combat.
Challenges for the Character - Combat itself, confrontation, and banter.
Birthsign - The Atronach
Religious Views - Being of some Altmeri descent, Theodastyr felt that his roots should be more in-line with faith, and soon converted to the Auri-El after his time in the Mage's Guild.
Politics Views - As stated above, knowing the neutrality of his kinsmen in Baifiera, the Aldmeri Dominion was his best bet to restoring the idea of a unified High Rock lead by the Direnni Hegemony, despite Theodastyr himself being a direct half-elf himself.
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