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Theodyne Robillard and The Daggerfall Covenant: Part 2

Started by Theodyne Robillard
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Part 1

It had been months since the night that Theodyne had met Alator Virane and joined the ranks of The Council of Arcanea. But even still he could sometimes feel the creature's blade in his shoulder as if it were still there. Sometimes he would even place his hand on the scar to make sure the wound was still closed even though it had long since healed thanks to the magic of Alator.

He wore his new armor that bore the sigil of his new companions, a blue triangle with a white eye and a blue sun in the background. But he still wore his father's sigil on his back, the lion of Daggerfall, he believed in brought him luck in battle, eyes in the back of his head as it were. He found himself in a forest just outside the city walls of Wayrest with one of his new companions, a young Breton mage by the name of Roderick. Roderick had been sent to search for a relic that Alator had been researching and Theodyne had been sent to protect him. It was an uneventful "quest" if you could call it that. Theodyne see the point in calling it a quest, he preferred to call it digging in a cave and sifting through dirt looking for a very old book. But he didn't care, all he had to do was sit there while the mage searched and make sure he didn't get robbed on the way home by some bandits or mauled by a bear or wolf in the woods. He did not understand how a book would help King Emeric seize The Ruby Throne, but then again he didn't understand how that creature turned to dust all the months ago, or how Alator healed him with a drink, or how Alator was almost four hundred years old for that matter. But everything had it's place he thought to himself.

They were in a cave filled with many chambers, and had been there for well over a week. Roderick would search and dig while Theodyne would hunt for food during the day. And during the night they would exchange stories with each other about their lives, so it was mostly Roderick doing the talking. He talked about how he had wanted to be a sailor and travel to different lands outside of Tamriel. He had heard stories of The ancient Aldmer elves from the land of Aldmeris and had always wanted to visit. But when he was young his parents sent him off to be a mage's apprentice because he exhibited "the signs" as his parents put it. He was adept in his skills but was now where near being a master of the arts even on his best day, which is why he was in a cave instead of on the front lines. But nevertheless, what he was searching for was a ancient book of powerful spells and was very important to the cause, so due to the importance of the book, Theodyne had been asked by Alator personally to accompany Roderick in his search for the book.

"By Magnus I've found it!" exclaimed Roderick.

"About damned time, I'm tired of sitting in this cave." said Theodyne in an exasperated tone as he put out a small fire with the hell of his boot. "Pack it up and let's get out of here."

Echoing through the cave, Thedoyne and Roderick heard footsteps. Theodyne ordered Roderick to hide the book as he drew his sword. At that very moment a dark figure in a hooded robe appeared from around the corner clapping his hands. There was no weapon in sight but Theodyne did not let up his guard.

"I would like to thank you on behalf of The Ebonheart Pact." said the stranger as he removed his hood. It was a Dunmer. A Dark Elf from The Ebonheart Pact. "We have been searching for that book for quite sometime now."

"Well you can start searching for your way home before you find a shallow grave." said Theodyne.

"Strong words for half-blood," said the Dunmer with a smile as he raised one hand frost swirling around the air an inch above his palm, his red eyes piercing through Theodyne like a sword through flesh. His closed his fist and thrust an open hand palm first towards Theodyne. Roderick quick to action raised a wall of fire from ground to ceiling only inches from Theodyne's face leaving a nasty burn on his hand and face and leaving the cave smelling of burnt hair but effectively saving his life. Taking one step back and placing his shield in front of himself, Theodyne lept through the wall of fire piercing his sword through the Dark Elf's chest, it took only seconds for the life to drain from the mage's body.

"I am terribly sorry about the burns Theodyne." Roderick said in his most apologetic voice.

"We will take about this later," Theodyne grumbled through his teeth, "We need to get out of here now before more show up."

"Yes, uh, right, just let me grab what we came here for." Roderick said frantically as he grabbed the ancient book.

That night, they rode as fast and hard as they could without stopping to reach the hidden sanctuary that was home to The Council of Arcanea. It was strange finding a Dunmer in High Rock, let alone one that belonged to The Ebonheart Pact.

"It's dangerous enough for a Dark Elf belonging to The Ebonheart Pact to be as far as Cyrodiil, let alone this far out of Morrowind, and he was after this." Theodyne said as he slammed the book down on Alator's desk. "Exactly what did you send us to find?" He asked in an almost demanding voice.

"Did you know that The Ebonheart Pact and The Aldmeri Dominion want to sieze The Ruby Throne just as bad as The Daggerfall Covenant?" asked Alator. "The Aldmeri Dominion see themselves at elitists, they think they will return the lands of Tamriel back to the earth from which it was born after taking it away from the races of man. But The Ebonheart Pact, now they are truly devious that is to be sure. You see the Argonians being allied with the Dunmer is mysterious at best, considering that the Dunmer has enslaved the Argonians for many years. And the Nords have always been a stand alone force. But the Dunmer, they have always worshiped the Daedra princes which is what led them to be pushed out of Cyrodiil long ago."

"What's with the history lesson Alator?" asked Theodyne.

"Well for one, you can always learn from the past. And for two the Dunmer worship Daedra. Second, Molag Bal is one of the most devious and evil Daedric princes. Thirdly, and lastly, the book I sent you two to retrieve is not just any book of spells. It is a book of Daedric summoning spells. The spells held within these pages are dangerous at best and it is far better that it be here with us that with The Ebonheart Pact." explained Alator.

Everything has a purpose thought Theodyne. Even a very old book buried in a cave.

"Well I think I'm no longer needed here so I think I'll just head off to bed." Roderick said.

"Not so fast," Theodyne said as he grabbed him firmly by the back of his neck, "There is still the matter of my face." he grimaced.

"Oh yes, about that, you do realize you would probably be dead if I hadn't done what I did?" he asked frantically.

"Yes I do, which is why I owe you a drink." Theodyne said with a smile.

And as he wrapped his arm around Roderick's shoulder he knew that this was only the first of many "adventures" to come, and he was glad he had companions, no friends, he knew he could count on....

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