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Theodyne Robillard of Hammerfell and The Daggerfall Covenant: Part 1

Started by Theodyne Robillard
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Upon deciding to pledge his allegiance to the High King Emeric and reclaim the honor of his families name, Theodyne set out for the land of his fathers before him, the lands of High Rock. He had heard there was to be summit in Wayrest where High King Emeric would be holding council with the most respected Archmages, military leaders, and lords of the lands of High Rock, and Theodyne intended to seek council with one of the representatives and plead his case for redemption. It was on a twilight evening that Theodyne found himself riding his horse just outside of Wayrest. He could feel the coolness of the air nipping at his body through his cloak.

"HALT!! Who goes there?" shouted a guard just up the road.
"Just a weary sellsword seeking a bed for the night." he replied.
"And just what buisness does a sellsword have in Wayrest might I ask?"
To which Theodyne replied, "My buisness is my own."
Now more assertively the guard stated, "Not with the High King Emeric inside these gates it's not, now state your buisness or draw your sword."
"Now now my good man, I have no quarrel with you, nor the king or his men, I am simply here to sign my name and pledge my life FOR King Emeric in the upcoming battle for The Ruby Throne. I have rode from Hammerfell and am quite weary and as I said, I seek a bed for the night."
"Well why didn't you say so in the first damn place," said the guard, "Come on in then, if your looking for a bed, you'll be looking for The Weary Traveler, that's the town inn, you can also have a drink there if you like and even a little bit of food, although I wouldn't recommend the food." laughed the guard, "But of course you'll have to stable your horse here outside the walls."
Tired as he was, he appreciated the humor from the guard. He dismounted his steed and led it into the stables before heading into the city.

Once inside the city, he made his way to The Weary Traveler and took the guards advice to have a drink before laying himself to rest for the night. As always, he chose a empty table in the corner of the room where his back would not be to any windows or doors, just as his father had taught him. He sat there for a moment staring at his cup of ale, when he noticed a scar on his finger. He smiled at the memory of how he received it. While sparring with his father as a boy, his father nearly severed his finger as a result of him not holding the sword properly at the hilt as he had been taught. A lesson well remembered and never forgotten since. When a stranger broke his quiet concentration,

"I know that crest," said a hooded stranger admiring the hilt of the sword on Theodyne's hip that belonged to his father, "Are you a member of The Knights of Daggerfall?" the stranger asked.

"No." Theodyne replied in a tone that implied he did not wish to continue the conversation.

"What is your name?" the stranger asked as he sat at Theodyne's table.

"And what buisness is it of yours?" Theodyne replied sharply.

"None at all, but you see, I am recruiting skilled men and women with certain..... talents if you will, and with steel like that, you must know how to use it, and quite well at that." the stranger said with a smirk.

"And why would I want to be in your service?" asked Theodyne.

"Well I can only assume you've come to Wayrest due to King Emeric's call to arms, that is why I am here of course. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Archmage Alator of The Council of Arcanea. I oversee a group of mages and warriors alike. And we have been summoned under The Daggerfall Covenant to aid King Emeric in his siege for The Ruby Throne."

As the Archmage continued on Theodyne could only think of one thing, his chance to redeem his father's name and reclaim his family's honor.

"I'll fight with you" Theodyne interrupted.

"Splendid," said Alator with a smile, "What is your name young warrior?"

"Theodyne....Theodyne Robillard of Hammerfell."

"Robillard you say?" asked Alator quaintly. "The last time I heard that name was quite sometime ago. What is your father's name?"

"It doesn't matter, he's dead" Theodyne replied.

"Hmmmm, I guess not then. Any matter, meet me here tomorrow night and we will discuss these matters further. For now I must be off to bed, King Emeric is holding his summit tomorrow and I have been summoned before him, and a king waits for no one."

After Alator had left, Theodyne could only sit there with his ale in one hand, rubbing the amulet hanging from his mother's necklace around his neck with the other. Thinking to himself about the upcoming trials and battles he would face in the days to come. Would he survive this war? Would he regain the honor that he desperately sought? He finished his drink and stepped outside into the night air for a walk as the cool air helped him to clear his clouded mind. He looked to the sky while thinking of his departed family and saw a blood moon. "No stars in the sky" he thought to himself. As he continued walking down the empty streets of Wayrest, he couldn't help but shake the feeling that someone was watching him from the shadows. No, not someone, but something. Something that was neither beast nor man, he could not explain it, but deep inside him something was telling him there was danger nearby. He placed one hand on the hilt of his sword and grasped it so firmly that his knuckles turned white. No sooner had he grasped the handle of his sword an arrow struck the wall of the building he was beside, landing only inches from his face, an arrow made of bone. He quickly drew his sword and ran into a nearby alley ducking into the shadows. It was only seconds later that two cloaked figures appeared from the street he had just left, one with an arrow notched in it's bow, the other sword drawn.

He came this way." hissed the first figure.
Just keep your eyes open whispered the other.

As they two figures crept past, Theodyne lunged from the shadows striking his sword through the back of the neck of the figure holding the bow, causing "him" to release his arrow into back of the other with the sword. With the first would be assassin dead, Theodyne turned his gaze to the second who was know on the ground and turned him over. He removed the assassin's hood to reveal his face but this was neither man nor elf, neither Khajiit nor Argonian, this was a creature he had never seen before. The arrow having pierced the creature's lung, was causing it to spit up blood as he laughed in the face of Theodyne, "Molag Bal sends his regards to you, he says your mother is know one of his whores and your father weeps like a child in Oblivion." and with that the creature produced a dagger stabbing Theodyne in the shoulder, but before Theodyne could swing his sword, the creature crumbled into dust and was taken away with the wind.

"It would seem you are the son of Edward Robillard of High Rock after all young Theodyne. Come with me, we have much to discuss."

Theodyne looked up with sword in hand to see the Archmage Alator standing in the alleyway. "What do you want?"

"I assure you I mean you no harm," said Alator, "But there are those that do. If you want to know what is happening, you must come with me now, for Molag Bal does not send his minions after just anyone. There is something that you should know and we cannot discuss it here, we must hurry there is not much time."

So young Theodyne stood and sheathed his sword and followed Alator to a house serving as lodging for The Council of Arcanea during the summit.

"It would seem as though Molag Bal wishes to have your soul young master Robillard." said Alator as he poured a glowing brew into a cup, "Here drink this" he said.

"I'm not thirsty." said Theodyne refusing the drink.

"And I did not say that you were, drink it anyway, this is not for thirst, this is for your wound."

Theodyne drank the brew and instantly his wound began to heal. "I'll ask you again, who are you?"

"But I have already told you, I am Archmage Alator of The Council of Arcanea, I am here to"

"Yes I know but how do you know me and better yet how do you know my father?" Theodyne interrupted.

"Those are questions that will be answered another time. Right now you should be more concerned with answering the question of 'Why', more to the point, Why does the Daedric Prince Molag Bal want you?"

"Daedra? I have no dealings with the Daedra! How am I supposed to know?"

"The real question is how you are going to find out."

And as Alator spoke to Theodyne, he told him of how he served with his father and grandfather in The Battle of Wayrest years ago under King Emeric. About how they fought bravely with honor and courage. And they discussed about the days that were ahead and of things to come. For young Theodyne's journey had only just begun and he was already deep into a world of things that he did not understand........

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Nicely done, I will be looking for part 2
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Thank you again lol I will be writing it later today after I finish somethings here at the house, I will eventually take the entire collection and write it into one full book/short story, I might even write a actual physical copy with leather cover and all lol I love doing stuff like this, its a hobby

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Great story im looking forward for part 2! (yay i was in the story :D)

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Very nice read, enjoyed it very muc.
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Check out the other parts!!! It goes all the way up to 9....for now

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