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Theodyne Robillard of Hammerfell and The Daggerfall Covenant: Part 10

Started by Theodyne Robillard
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Having received word that an assassain was on their trail, Alator quickly dispatched one of the council's very own. Noric had been dispatched to Camlorn to watch over Mordynak and Theodyne as they passed through on their way to Daggerfall. Often being mistaken for a Nord, Noric was no small man, which is why it often surprised those around him when they learned he was as quick and nimble on his feet as he was. Having dressed in the most plain clothes he could get his hands on, he looked like a beggar, something he was used to. Which is why Mordynak and Theodyne did not even recognize him as they walked right past him on their way out of town. He always took pride in the fact that he could walk unnoticed just about anywhere, which normally wouldn't be something to boast about, but given his size his talents were definitely special. He made sure not to stay too close, but he was careful not to lose sight of them. As they drew nearer to the center of the town market, the streets became more crowded and Noric had to move in closer to Theodyne and Mordynak. He was only six feet behind them when his eyes were drawn to a an Altmer in the crowd. It was the third time he had seen the elf in town since he started following his brothers and an elf in Camlorn was strange enough, but to see him in three different places in town in such a short time definitely made him stand out. He was walking with what appeared to be a cane, but being a member of The Council of Arcanea, Noric knew better and recognized a magical staff when he saw it. As he approached the Altmer from behind he pulled a small dagger from the sleeve of his shirt. Grabbing the staff, he placed the dagger to the Altmer's neck and pulled him into a nearby alleyway. Taking his staff from him he pushed him against a wall.

"Why are you following them?" Noric asked.

"I am sure I do not know what you mean." the Altmer said.

"I am in no mood for game or lies, I am inclined to kill you just for being an Altmer." He drew closer and placed the blade against the elf's throat. "Now I will ask you only once more, why are you following them and who are you?" he persisted.

The elf's face changed from an expression of fear to an expression of malice. "Even if you stop me, there will be others. Theodyne must die." said the Altmer.

"But why? Why Theodyne?" Noric questioned as he pressed the edge of his blade against the elf's throat even harder.

"He has been to Coldharbour. No one leaves Coldharbour but he has. Prince Molag Bal wants him returned." he answered.

"Then you can be the one to tell him he will not have him." After Noric said this he sliced the dagger across the Altmer's throat and wiped his blade across his shirt and left him in the alleyway to bleed as he returned to the street. He quickly scanned the street for Mordynak and Theodyne but could not see them. He was only in the alley for a few moments and should be able to see them but they were gone. He quietly began to panic and fear that the worst. His job was to keep watch over them and now he had no clue where they were. How could they have disappeared so quickly? As he searched the streets frantically it was apparent he was not going to find them and began his return home to Daggerfall. He only hoped they would make it back to Daggerfall as well.

Mordynak and Theodyne made it safely to their council's refuge early in the morning. After calling the council to the grand hall, Theodyne's trial began. He stood before Alator with his brothers and sisters at his back as he told a tale of how he was attacked by the necromancer at the old ruins. He explained how his soul was taken from him and he was sent to Coldharbour and of the horrible things he endured. He also explained that if not for the strange man Marcus's teachings of necromancy that he would never have escaped. And then with his head hung low, he explained how he killed the necromancer and the bandits. After listening to the ordeal in full, Alator sat in silence for a few moments and rose from his chair. He quietly walked over to Theodyne and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I am deeply sorry for the things you have been through Theodyne, truly I am. And while I can see how you felt that you had no choice in the matter, necromancy is a terrible thing. It is an evil thing to trifle with the dead. But I know you heart and I do not believe you yourself to be evil." he turned to Mordynak, "You did what was right in bringing Theodyne here old friend, furthermore I am glad that you brought him back alive." turning his gaze to Theodyne he said, "Perhaps there is something to be learned from this. Have some food and drink, then rest. I want you to meet me in my chambers first thing in the morning. Understood?"

While Theodyne silently nodded his head in confirmation of Alator's orders, Mordynak was perplexed to say the least. While he was glad that his friend would live, necromancy was among the greatest crimes one could commit against their beloved council, and Theodyne was admittedly guilty of the crime on multiple accounts. How could Alator just simply place these crimes to the side as if they were nothing? While he had always trusted Alator's judgement, this time he questioned. "How can this be your final word? Should he not be stripped of of council's name and banished from us? How can you hear his crimes from his own lips and let them go unpunished?! he exclaimed.

Alator took a deep breath and let out a long sigh before turning to face his old friend Mordynak. "Not everything is meant to be understood dear friend but as you have always done, I ask you to trust me. This is for the best."

Mordynak could see the seriousness in Alator's eyes. As if his gaze were to imply the urgency with which he should drop the matter. Feeling that the tribunal had been an insult to the near destruction of their order, but not wanting to push the matter further, Mordynak assured Alator that he would trust his judgement as he had always done.

Feeling that he owed him more, Alator explained, "He has been to Coldharbour, the realm of Prince Molag Bal himself. Whether young Theodyne knows it or not, he has valuable information that can and will aid us in the upcoming war for The Ruby Throne."

Not having stopped to think of this before, Mordynak felt almost ashamed that he had overlooked such an important fact. "I am sorry I questioned you, it's just that I thought..."

"I know." interrupted Alator. "Do not trouble yourself over this. All is the same as it ever was." he said with a smile and turned away to retire to his chambers.

Theodyne himself could not believe this were the end of the matter. He tried to eat that night but he worried so much that he could not. He felt as though he had made more enemies within his own council than he had friends. As he walked back to his room he noticed the different stares he received. Some of disgust, some of pity. Some would turn away from him completely. As he laid down that night he received a vision. He could see a woman in a dark red robe handing gold coins to different men. All of the faces were hidden except for one. He could see the man's face as clear as day. It was the man that had attacked him and Mordynak outside of Wayrest. He awoke in his bed drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. As quickly as he could he jumped out of bed and got dressed and ran to Alator's chambers banging his fist on the door.

"Come in before you break down my door." Alator answered jokingly.

As the door opened, Alator saw Theodyne and furthermore how troubled he was.

"Theodyne what is wrong?" he asked.

As Theodyne began to retell his dream, Alator stopped him. He was beginning to sense something about him that he couldn't believe he had never sensed before. He walked over to where Theodyne stood and gazed deeply into his eyes. "Tell me, how long have you walked with Hircine?" he asked.

Theodyne knew who Hircine was but he did not know what Alator meant, "What do you mean?" he replied.

Alator felt insulted, "Come now Theodyne, I am almost four-hundred years old and I am an Archmage. You did not think you could keep this from me forever did you? Besides, it is easy for me to recognize my own kind. Now I will ask you again. How long have you been a werewolf?"...........

Part 11
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another great write pal

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I only hope achieve to be as good as a writer in my stories. Great job again.

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Good read
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