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Theodyne Robillard of Hammerfell and The Daggerfall Covenant: Part 11

Started by Theodyne Robillard
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[Image: skyrim-werewolf-transformation.jpg]

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"I am not a werewolf. I think that I would know if I were." Theodyne said.

Alator could see in Theodyne's eyes that he truly did not know of the gift that he possessed. But he did not understand how he could have come this far in life without ever having a transformation. Or had he and just not known it? Sometimes when those who were unaware of Hircine's blessesing transformed, it was often misinterpreted as a vivid dream.

"You really are unaware of your," Alator stopped to think of the appropriate word, "Potential." he finished. He wasn't really speaking to Theodyne at this point more as he was speaking at him. He looked deep into Theodyne's eyes, "How much do you actually know of Lycanthropy?" he asked.

"Not much really. Only the bits that everyone knows, that some men and women are cursed and are able to take on the form of a terrible wolf-like creature." he answered.

"CURSE?!" Alator's anger could easily be detected in his response. "Hircine's blessing is not a curse! How could a heightened sense of smell and hearing, keen vision even in the blackest night be a curse? Not to mention the massive increase in strength mind you." Alator explained. "Whether you know it or not young Theodyne, you possess the power within you the same as I. Tell me, have you ever encountered one of these creatures before?"

"No of course not." Theodyne answered.

"Then a gift passed down to you through your bloodlines no doubt."

At first Theodyne felt insulted at the mere thought of his father having been a werewolf. But he then remembered tales told to him by his grandfather of his father's unmatched strength in battle. He recalled a story he was told as a child of his father having been skewered through the stomach with a broadsword during battle, only to pull the sword from his stomach and beat the man to death with his bare hands. Theodyne always thought the details to have been the exaggerations of an old man, but if his father were truly a werewolf, then it could have happened as it were told to him. "But how would I have never known this of my own father?" he asked.

"Some who learn to control their inner beast can change themselves at will." Alator explained. "Through understanding and meditation, it is possible. But it is no easy task Theodyne. But if you are willing, I can help you with this."

Still uneasy about the topic of discussion, Theodyne attempted to deflect Alator's offer, "This cannot be the reason you asked me here. Moments ago you were deliberating whether to banish me from the council for necromancy, now you want to help me. Not that I am complaining, but why?"

Regaining his train of thought Alator remembered why he had in fact asked Theodyne to his chambers. "No it is not. You say you have been to Coldharbour. You may have much needed knowledge whether you know it or not that can help us in our fight against Molag Bal. After all, Coldharbour is home to the Daedric Prince. Besides, necromancy was nearly the undoing of our beloved council, perhaps through you we can gain a better understanding of this dark magic so as to avoid near destruction again. And perhaps there is something to be learned by it as well."

Theodyne was confused to say the least. What was considered to be the most heinous crime against the order, was now being looked at as a sort of learning tool. "I do not understand, you want our order to delve into necromancy?"

"Certainly not!" Alator exclaimed. "Necromancy is a very dangerous art, even for those who understand it. But from what you explained at your trial, an entire lifetime worth of knowledge in the art has been passed onto you. While I do not approve of necromancy, I must admit there is something to be learned from it as is with anything in life, good or bad there is always a valuable lesson. What I am proposing is this young Theodyne, you alone will practice necromancy within our order. You will research it, you will learn from it. But under no circumstances will you use this magic against anyone within our council's ranks, nor is it to be used against anyone who is not your enemy. Do you understand?"

A bit taken back by Alator's proposal, Theodyne reluctantly agreed to the terms. Furthermore he agreed to allow Alator teach him to understand and control his "inner beast" as he put it even though he did not fully believe that he possessed the power. But then again, Alator hadn't been wrong about anything since they had met.

As Theodyne laid down that night for sleep, he had another dream. But it was different from his last. There was no woman in a crimson robe. No men to hand coins to. Instead he dreamed that he was walking through a forest. Bright and vibrant with many different shades of green and brown. As he walked through the forest he happened upon a small stream flowing gently to the south and he stopped for a drink, but as he knelt to the water's edge he did not see his reflection. Instead he saw the image of a wolf. Not a werewolf, but an ordinary wolf. A wolf with thick black fur and yellow eyes that were almost a shade of gold. He was stunned, he attempted to look away from the water but he could not move. He felt as though he were entranced by the reflection in the water. But the longer he stared into the wolf's yellow eyes, the more afraid he became. The wolf appeared to be coming closer, but this was only an image in the water and Theodyne had not moved. But indeed yes, the wolf was getting close and closer, the bright yellow eyes getting bigger and bigger. As the wolf's snout began to emerge from the water, it bared it's teeth and let loose a quiet snarl and Theodyne could feel it's hot, rotten breath on his cheek. If he were able to move, Theodyne would undoubtedly be shaking more than a Redguard in the snowy mountains of Skyrim, but still he could not. He tried closing his eyes and opening them, hoping that he would wake or that at least the beast would no longer be there. But as he opened his eyes the wolf was only closer. He know stood nose to nose with the beast, unable to move, wishing that he could back away and run, or at the very least scream. But Theodyne could not even make a whimper. The wolf slowly began to open it's fearsome jaws and Theodyne knew the beast would soon strike. He tried with all of his might to stand and run, but like an animal snared in a hunter's trap, he was unable to retreat. The beast's reared back and quickly lunged at Theodyne and as he closed his eyes in fear all he could hear was the ear piercing scream of a wolf's howl. But nothing happened.

He opened his eyes and the wolf was gone. The stream had run dry and the moon had risen to take the sun's place. What once was a bright forest teeming with life was now a dark, fearsome place with danger lurking behind ever bush and atop every branch. But through the dark of night he could see a shining light through the trees ahead. Almost as if the sun itself had sunk to the earth. He began to run towards the light pushing his way through the brush. And as he stood face to face with the strange light. He awoke. But he was not in his bed......

Part 12
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Very nice, yet another masterpiece. Keep it up!

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very nice indeed liked it as always

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Pm for details.
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Nice read
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Gj Good Read!

Gone to a better MMO, soz guys, it was fun.
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