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Theodyne Robillard of Hammerfell and The Daggerfall Covenant: Part 3

Started by Theodyne Robillard
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Part 1
Part 2

It had been quite some time now since Theodyne had joined the ranks of The Council of Arcanea. He had become a trusted protector of the mages that made up the ranks of the council and more so had made quite a many friends. To him, he had found the family that he lost years ago. Theodyne looked to the archmage, Alator Virane, as a sort of father figure and followed him without question. But there was one dark night that would drastically change the course of his destiny and impact young Theodyne's life in such a profound way, that he would never be the same man again. On this night, young Theodyne would be reborn.....

Archmage Alator asked Theodyne to travel to the old ruins of The Great Library of Arcanea. There had been reports of Necromancers attempting to find their way into The Great Library to access a great power that had been locked away many many years ago. It was a dark night with no moon nor stars in the sky. The fog floated in the air so thick that he could barely see path that he walked. The trail that he followed was a dirt path through the woods that was overgrown with foliage, but keen were his mind and his senses to where he would not lose his way, even on a night such as this. And finally he found what he was looking for, a solid stone wall with the sigil of The Council carved into it's surface. It was a carving of a triangle in front of a sun with an eye in the center of the triangle. Archmage Alator had given Theodyne the key to unlock the secret passage way but hadn't told him how to use it, but he could still hear the words that Archmage Alator had said moments before he left, "You will see how to open the door, when the door can see you." Alator had a knack for leaving you with cryptic messages, sometimes Theodyne believed he only did this for his own amusement. Pulling out the key, he studied it for a moment. It did not seem like any key he had ever seen before. It was nothing more than a small ring made entirely of saphire. Just a blue gem carved into a circle. Again his gaze returned to the wall as did his hand as he searched for a way to open the door, which in fact did not even look like a door. It was one solid piece of rock. And then he saw it, in the center of the eye of the sigil, there was a small hollow and immediately he whispered the archmage's words with a smile, "When the door can see you" He carefully placed the key inside the hollow and the sigil began to glow with a dull blue light. And then, one of the most peculiar things Theodyne had ever seen happened, so peculiar he would not have believed it had it not happened right in front of him. The sigil sank into the stone surface and began to spin as the stone surface began to shift itself this way and that until there was a clear stone tunnel for him to enter. As dark as it was outside, it appeared to be three times darker inside the tunnel, there would be no continuing on if he could not see. He looked around and found a nice size stick about as wide as his arm and tore a piece of his cloak to wrap around the top and just like that he had a torch. With torch on hand and able to see the path before him, he drew his sword and and stepped into the tunnel. Taking his first step towards changing his destiny forever.

As soon as he entered the tunnel, the door behind him closed. He did not look back because it was pointless, even if there was a way out, he could not leave. He could not disappoint Alator. To him, that would bring a shame that in his mind, would be worse than death. So he extended his arm with the torch high above his head, sword at the ready, and continued on. The air inside the tunnel was moist upon his skin, but stale upon his tongue. He could smell mold growing on the stone walls. He followed the tunnel until it led him to a set of stairs leading upwards carved out of the stone. He looked towards the top and could see what he believed to be moonlight, but the moon was not out tonight. He extinguished his torch and proceeded ever so cautiously up the stone stairs, taking one step at a time, being careful not to make any noise. Although there were only rumors of Necromancers in the area, as far as Theodyne was concerned, a rumor was cause enough for him to be cautious. Afterall, what if the rumors were true? As he approached the top of the stairs he overheard a voice and he stopped. He waited to listen to see if it were his mind playing a trick on him. And then he heard it again, but it was not one voice, it was three. And they were arguing with each other. Theodyne quietly crept to the top of the stairs and watched from the shadows. It was three necromancers arguing at a Daedric shrine, to whom he could not tell. The three necromancers were arguing amongst themselves on how to appease their Daedric prince. The one who seemed to be in charge had had enough arguing tho it seemed as he pulled a dagger from his cloak and violently stabbed both of his companions to death. It was then he knelt at the shrine and spoke.

"O dark prince hear my prayer, I humbly offer up to you these vessels made of flesh. May your will be done on Nirn, Lord Molag Bal."

When he heard that name a searing pain shot through his chest were he had been stabbed in that alley in High Rock long ago. A pain so great it brought him to his knees. As he hit the ground, the necromancer sprang to his feet and turned around to see Theodyne writhing on the ground in pain.

"Well, well, if it isn't young master Theodyne." said the necromancer, his face still hidden from the hooded cloak that he wore. As he approached Theodyne he crouched beside him, "My Lord Molag Bal has been looking for you for quite some time now." he said with a hiss.

"Why?! What does he want from me?!" Theodyne grimaced through the pain.

The necromancer laughed, "Why, your soul of course." he said matter of factly as he placed a hand upon the scar on Theodyne's chest.

In his other hand he held a soul gem which he raised high in the air and he began to speak an incantation. Theodyne felt a sensation to which he had never felt before. He felt as though his body were asleep, but his mind was not. Moving only his eyes, he looked to the gem in the necromancer's hand and it began to glow. He was aware of what was happening, but he could do nothing to stop it. This man was stealing his soul. After the necromancer finished, Theodyne was slowly slipping out of consciousness, his eyes growing dim, he saw the necromancer place the soul gem upon the shrine to Molag Bal. And when Theodyne saw the light in the gem die, his eyes fell shut, and he was taken away into darkness........

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Great story, you are a very skilled writer. I like that you did a "cliffhanger" wich made so that I wanted to contuine Reading, good job! :D

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