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Theodyne Robillard of Hammerfell and The Final Chapter

Started by Theodyne Robillard
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The Final Chapter: Part 1

It had been almost a year to the day since Theodyne had seen his brothers and sisters of The Council of Arcanea. Although they were in his thoughts every day and night, he dared not speak of them in his new home deep inside the catacombs beneath Daggerfall. While he was a member of the council. He was still an outcast. He was a necromancer. Although it was his decision that led him to be a necromancer, he had always felt that he had been forced into making it. He missed Noric and Alator the most. Although the others called him brother, he could hear the remarks made behind his back. He could see the look in their eyes as he passed by. There were some within the council that were afraid of him and others that simply did not trust him. As he thought deeply about his old friends, he was saddened. And then his sadness turned to anger as he remembered how he was treated after he stood trial for necromancy. The fact that Alator dismissed his crimes so lightly only served to anger a great number of the council. And when Theodyne was asked by Alator to futher study the dark art, and even perform experiments within the council's castle walls, things only got worse.

It was not long before Theodyne found himself here underground. Although the others here were the same, he still felt he was different. He had never used his abilities for the soul purpose of harming others. But the other necromancers here were truly evil, he could feel it all around him. They had an almost "animalistic" sense about them. But where else could he have gone?

He was sitting alone in the dark on the cold, damp, stone floor of what was now his room when he heard the door behind him open.

"We are ready for you now brother." said a mage standing in the hallway just outside his chambers.

Without saying a word Theodyne stood to his feet and turned to face the mage. He was barely visible in the hallway as it was dimly lit with only but a few torches. As he stepped into the hall the smell of rotted flesh rose into his nostrils and he knew it was time for his ceremony to begin.

The mage guided Theodyne through the maze of tunnels until at last they were standing in the center of a large and dark room. Without a word the mage quietly turned and left Theodyne to himself. As Theodyne's eyes became adjusted to the darkness the shadows began to give way and he could see the shape of the room was a circle with tunnels leading in every direction. He began to hear footsteps that seemed to come from every direction as the sounds echoed off the stone walls. As the silence gave way to sound so too did the darkness give way too light as each tunnel began to glow with the fiery light of torches. One by one the cloaked figures began to emerge from the tunnels, their faces covered by their hooded cloaks. As they entered the room they formed a small tight circle around Theodyne and each lifted their arms into a "V" stretched towards the ceiling. With the light of the torches, Theodyne could now see the stone table that lay before him. Upon the table lay his sacrifice. As the necromancers that surrounded him began to chant, Theodyne approached the table and slowly unsheathed his sword. As he looked down into the eyes of his sacrifice, his own eyes grew wider. He had not expected this. For the one that was to be his offering was the last person he had imagined he would see. There on the table bound by the hands and feet, lay Mordynak, the personal assistant of Alator Virane. The one who had brought him before his council for trial just one year ago.

"Theodyne please!" Mordynak cried. "You do not have to do this! There is still hope!" he screamed.

"Not for me old friend. Not anymore." Theodyne whispered.

As Theodyne took his sword in both hands, his gaze never dropped from Mordynak's stare. The necromancers began to chant louder and louder until the sounds of their voices echoing throughout the chamber sounded like thunder in his ears. The noise was so loud he could not even hear Mordynak's pleas for mercy. As Theodyne took one deep breath he raised his sword high above his head. Just as he was about to swing the room fell silent and Theodyne heard only one word from a familiar voice.


Every torch in the room was extinguished in an instant and the chamber fell into darkness.

Theodyne knew this voice in an instant.


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