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Theodyne Robillard of Hammerfell and The Final Chapter Part III

Started by Theodyne Robillard
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The daedra picked up Theodyne by the throat and squuezed as if he were crushing some small defenseless woodland creature. Theodyne could feel the daedra's claws digging deeper into his flesh ever so slowly and it became more and more difficult for him to breathe.

Were you truly so foolish that you could have hoped to defeat me?" laughed the Daedric Lord.

Theodyne could barely breathe let alone respond. As he slowly started to drift off into unconsciousness, he could not help but wonder "Why?" He asked himself why now? This wasn't how it was supposed to happen. He was supposed to be the Hero. He was supposed to stop this. That is what he had been told.

As his eyes fell shut and his lungs laid flat, he was gone. The demon released his grasp and a small pool of blood poured from a puncture in Theodyne's neck. His body slowly changing back into it's mortal form only helped to reveal the amount of damage that the Daedric Lord had inflicted on his body. Theodyne was dead.

In his attempt to retrieve Theodyne's soul, his own power was weakened enough for Alator to break the ward placed over the himself and The Council. The Council deafeted the Daedric Lord in the end. But before he fell he cast Theodyne'es soul back into Coldharbor. During the process, no one noticed that Theodyne had been taken due to the blinding light of his soul being pulled from his body. He had been taken, and replaced. Alator did not recognize the young man laying before him and neither did any members of The Council.

Alator quickly knelt beside the young man and studied him. He was clad in sterling white heavy armor adorned with golden trim and ash black chain mail underneath. He sported a style of Imperial armor and weaponry but the colors were off. There was no tell-tale red ruby in the center of his chest plate, to represent The Ruby Throne of The Imperial City. He had been badly burned on the left half of his body from his face down to his sternum and adorned an eye patch over his left eye. The young man appeared to be in his early twenties at the latest but had quite obviously seen heavy battle.

As Alator contemplated the events that he would soon encounter and thought of the prophecy of the one that would help destroy The Worm Cult and Mannimarco once and for all. He thought that had been Theodyne. But perhaps Theodyne had only been a key to unlocking the way to stop Molag Bal and his minions. Maybe Theodyne had just been the next step. In the days to come Alator would find all too well that this young man before him now had much to tell. And would be the next path to walk down in the prophecy of Molag Bal's ultimate destruction.

Alator awoke the young man on the floor and he was in a panic, screaming incoherently. Alator managed to the calm the man enough to explain who he was before he fell back into unconsciousness.

Who are you sir? Where do you come from? For whom do you fight for? Alator asked.

The young man managed to speak in a very quiet and strained voice, "Captain Giaus Cassius, 12th Imperial Legion, my men and I were assigned to protect The Emporer before he was assassinated. The Imperial City is mostly in ruins, people have factioned off and fight among themselves over who should be crowned. Then these large anchors started falling from the sky and Daedra started to pour into the streets. We were caught completely by surprise. It was a miracle that those who did survive managed to. I was born in Eastmarch but I sir fight for Tamriel.

Very well. Alator said quietly, Now rest. And Captain Cassius fell back to sleep. Alator looked at the members of The Council standing behind him. We take him with us.......

Want to join a Guild? Join The Council of Arcanea and fight for The Daggerfall Covenant! HAIL KING EMERIC!!!
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