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Thorin Darkheart

Started by Thorin Darkheart
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
(( Very New to RP, PLEASE let me know if I have done it wrong ))

SURNAME - Darkheart.
RACE - Bosmer
SEX - Male
AGE: 84

Occupation - Father, Hunter
Faction - Aldmeri Dominion (Brother Hood of Archers)
Appearance - ((Wating for game options))
Personality - Cautious to those he does not know, but once met will speak openly.

Social Background/Backstory -

Thorin lived near the northwestern border of Valenwood not far from Dune and mostly keeping to himself and his family. Living a quiet life, content to let the troubles of others be it to them. He would often go hunting with his son Braven, but Thorin was not the best of hunters and he had never really mastered the bow. His son thought it was funny and would often make jokes at his fathers lack of skill.

But one moon many days ago, Thorin stumbled upon a camp of merchants. The singing and cheery yells echoed around the trees. A small glow from the fire highlighting the figures that sat nearby, Throin crept closer not sure if friend or foe. He sat for several minutes watching the glowing figures laugh and pass food between themselves.  One of the shadowed revelers stood and turned in his direction and yelled into the night.

“Ma’kle welcomes you to the fire, don’t sit in the dark, come friend.” Yelled the voice.
Throin stood and rested his hand on his sword hilt as he moved forward towards the three figures.

Thorin sat at the fire laughing and enjoying the stories of his new friends, three traveling Khajiit who traveled the land selling the items they collected. It was here he learned of a pending war and although he did not know of a lot of what they spoke of, Thorin knew it would not be long before it would involve him and his family.

The morning light woke Thorin and his head felt lighter, what was he drinking that could affect him so. His new friends had long gone and the fire was all but a smoking stick. Thorin sat up and greeted the morning and closed his eyes, he felt different what was this. He opened his eyes and it was then he noticed 2 bottles neatly placed on a tanned hide not far from where he had been laying, a parting gift.

Thorin began his walk back home through the brush, what stories he could pass on to his son that the Khajiit  had told him. Thorin suddenly sensed something, his head cleared and his ears became sharp once more. His son was not far off, but he was not alone. Thorin leaped through the under scrub and hurried to where the forest guided him.

His son was by a stream collecting water, no doubt for a morning meal and as Thorin approached two wolves moved in behind Braven, creeping and lying low ready for a kill.  Thorin raised his bow as he ran and let loose two arrows in quick succession.  Braven turned and dropped the water jugs as the wolves readied their attack. The arrows both struck the wolves imbedding deep behind the upper jaw and the wolves fell lifeless.

Over the next few days Thorin tried to go hunting with his son but his skill with the bow was still lacking. His son joked that he was pretending “You don’t have to play father” he joked, “I know your skill with the bow now, two wolves, one arrow each, over that distance.”

Thorin looked at his son, “perhaps your right, perhaps I need a drink.” he said as he walked on.
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