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Three Crowns Swedish Guild

Started by Erguth1
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Three Crowns

We are a traditional Swedish mmorpg guild which have played the most MMORPGs released since 2003. Most prominent we have been in WoW and Rift . ( But of course we have played and been quite successful in WAR, SWTOR , Aion , L2, Lotro , etc. )
Now awaits the next challenge in ESO , where we already have about 100 Swedish players from our former games, now joining up to fight in ESO.
We have a solid player-base with about 30 members who play on a hardcore basis in any game we choose to play, and a well-organized and experienced officer staff who know what it means to lead a guild at the absolute highest level. For my own part as a GM I will continue the already established trails I have followed for almost 10 years, I am tough on my members, but very fair.

Whether you want to play on a hardcore level , or more casual or social level, you are most welcome to us. What we initially require from all players is that the person joining TC has a mature behavior and a desire to work together with his or her teammates to achieve their goals in a game.
During our raids and events, we characterized by a harsh discipline under very strict leadership. When not raiding, we like to sit together on vent, mumble or TS to talk nonsense and socialize with each other.

We have of course, a forum , a Facebook page , and our own ventrilo and mumble servers.
Of course it will , as always fall off some players just after release, people who simply do not think that ESO is good enough, or their kind of game. That's why I already am out of recruitment records to alert people about our existence.
We have in TESO chosen to play Ebonheart , North , Dark Elf and Aragonians , but I know that this player is less important for many players who have ordered versions where they will rock all the races in the alliance at any time .
We will play on the Dawnbreaker home campaign.

We are known for being a guild that focuses on PVE but in ESO chosen to focus on both PVP/PVE due to the game's structure.

Another Swedish guild named New Order has chosen to merge into the TC and there is absolutely room to gather more smaller Swedish guilds under one roof, our roof. Please contact me in that case. We aim to have approximately 50 very active members and about as many social or casual minded players.
We are allied with Ruthless, another Swedish guild that is a bit more casual oriented, with about 170 members, so together our numbers are strong.
If you want to chat or talk with an officer, ingame contact: Erguth, Azkann, Samme, Molom or Remsan.
The following links contain all the information you need to contact Three Crowns :

Facebook fan page :

Facebook group:

The forum:
The forum is a necessary tool for those who want to play at a higher level (such as raiding or hardcore).

Erguth , GM Three Crowns
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