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Throat Adder - EU - PvP / PvE - Recruiting intelligent individuals

Started by Nehemia
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Throat Adder (TA) is a newly formed guild of intelligent individuals, PvP and MMO veterans alike. We're currently planning to roll our toons on EP, and seek to play as a disciplined PvP group. The whole plan is to have fun whilst crushing our opponents, playing the game to its limits and to as much efficiency as the game's mechanics allow. We aren't the everyday neighbor zerg guild, but promote smaller scale PvP that is organized and played by intelligent individuals who feel the rush in a competitive scene.

There's currently a small number of us, but that's alright since the games release is still far away. We have no reason to mass recruit people into our ranks, but slowly build our community up. Not only our website works as a guild, but also serves as an community to non-guild members as well. So feel free to stop by, hop into shout box and talk with us.


The application form can be found from the link below:

Please read the question through, answer in your best regard and honestly, dedicate more than just two minutes to answering a question. Dedication towards a membership can be seen from the application alone.

Who are we looking for or expecting from you?

- Intelligent individuals
- Competitive MMORPG guild experience is a bonus
- Competitive gaming background is a bonus
- Maturity
- Understanding of games mechanics (universally)
- Primarily around European timezone (other timezones may still apply)
- Willfulness to co-operate and promote teamwork
- Fluent or working English, both verbal and literal (No, you do not have to be English major to apply)
- Willfulness to mute yourself beyond 0.8 alcohol levels
- Don’t be a dick
- You want to Play to Crush™

Rules (Still being edited, but the core is among the lines of):

. No guild hopping. You are part of TA and represent us in everything you do.

2. Must be logged into voice chat, even if you don't talk, you need to be there if in game. When in combat, be quiet except for reporting (i.e. scout) or calling targets.
2.a Whoever is "leading" currently leads, you are welcome to discuss or criticize tactics outside the combat.

3. TA Playstyle in full force. This means disciplined, organized gaming.

3.a That translates to minimal trash talking to others (this means you do not flame at your opponents). Ham it up, and such, but no personal attacks. Play with honor.
3.b Try to build your character in a way it complements a group, we want to seek a group of complementary characters, not a group of soloists.
3.c Play with discipline. Whoever is the "leader" at the moment will gladly chat with you about tactics and so forth, but keep it outside the fights.
3.d. Get on target - according to your role. If you are a the designated rooter, then root and move on. If you're a debuff stripper, focus on stripping the debuffs.
3.e. Leaders lead and subjects follow, we don't want someone to break the formation and screw the whole fight up since it "felt like an good idea."
3.f. Friday night, few beers before going to club and you decided to pay a visit. Cool. But if you are drunk more than .08, perma-mute yourself until hangover (so we can all ridicule you) and turn both headlights on, thank you.

4. Character builds are pretty much wide open, but we assume you'll tune your character towards the "Spec group" at least in PvP events.

5. Killing noobs and making people cry is the best way to have fun in game. TA has everything to succeed with that, so play along with our style. However, there is no need to make remarks about how bad they actually are, just dominating them is more than enough.

Come, Unstoppable Eraser Rain
Throat Adder | Societas Daemonica
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