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Thumps Up For Forum !

Started by xColdBlood
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I really enjoyed my little time at the forum !
It is very clear , you can see everything you want to know about the game : News,a nice Messenger and much more....

I hope the administrators of the Forum really like to do their work and have much fun ;)

xColdBlood Thumbs_up

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Beor of Skyrim, Deveron, Tecca, TheThomas, Triskele, Xoo
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Daggerfall Covenant
Thank you xColdBlood!

It's a dirty job and I hate it, but someone's gotta do it! Tongue_out_laughing

I'm glad you are having a great time here on TESOF and hope you will keep enjoying it in the months and years to come! And never hesitate to contact us, should you need our help or advice - or if there's anything you might want to tell us, of course!

Cheers and enjoy your stay!

The Ghost of TESOF
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Daggerfall Covenant
Deveron and Tecca are doing all the terrible jobs, the dishes and such. I'm just trying to look cool ;)

On a less serious note, glad to hear you're having fun and are enjoying the site!

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Beor of Skyrim
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Thank a lot, xColdBlood!

The Elsweyr Confederacy

My motto: "Don't look for the next opportunity. The one you have in hand, is the opportunity."
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