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Tiberias Snow

Started by Thwaite
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
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Firstname - Tiberias
Surname - Snow
Title - Ingot (An interesting story behind this nickname will be revealed at a later time)
Sex - Male
Age - 47
Occupation - Cavalier
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - Worn, scarred, and aged. His groomed beard and short cut hair have aged to a fine grey however his heart and soul are still young and full of resolve.
Personality - Disciplined, quiet, and stern however is sometimes very impatient.
Social Background/Backstory - The Snow family is not a noble from birth or have the riches of High Rock tradesmen. The family is however renowned for inventive tactics in warfare and maximizes the use of shields during combat; for both defense and offense. Tiberias Snow is fierce warrior and avid combatant on horseback and on the ground. Many of the soldiers within his post have said, "in order to kill Tiberias you must first cut off his shield arm...or you're condemed to death."
Best Memory - Defeating an Orcish brawler in a fist fight, all in good sport of course.
Worst Memory - Being beat like a whelp and losing to the same Orc a week later. Losing a fist fight to a Breton is hard thing for any Orc to admit, let alone live down when it happens in your own hold.
Skills - Excellent Horseman, One-handed combatant, conditioned and mobile in heavy armor, and shield warden. He also has a silver tongue and uses it to his advantage when required or when company from a fine lady is in question.
Challenges for the Character - Impatience. Overzealous and almost suicidal in combat, he grins at the thought of warfare and taking up arms against any foe. He is a soldier at heart and will rarely question a superiors cause, even if it leads him to carry out evil or wicked undertakings.
Birthsign - The Steed
Religious Views - Stendarr, the God of Righteous Might and Merciful Forbearance
Politics Views - Militarily

"I once fought two days with an arrow through my testicle." --Godfrey of Ibelin
...definitely makes the city guard crying about his knee sound like a punk...

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