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Time to turn around and start walking towards home, SWG players

Started by Nehemia
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Q: If you could relaunch a shutdown title, which one would you pick and what would you do differently this time?

Smedley: SWG. I would do everything differently. SWG Players - Our next game (not announced yet) is dedicated to you. Once we launch can come home now.

P.S They've just recently trademarked a H1Z1 - "scam" to be used in gaming.
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I saw that... And I dropped my jaw... I know they patented the Crafting system and a lot of the mechanics that the game featured.

So If they end up using those I will be more than happy ! I cannot wait to see what they have in store, I just hope It will not be a Free 2 Play Title...


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Ultima Online T2A or Renaissance, Felucca only.

Oh this is a actual game your talking about, I thought you were asking what game you would bring back.
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Youtube (TESO PvP HQ videos!)

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Most interesting.
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