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Tips & Tricks On Playing A Free Account

Started by Jemcrystal
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Ebonheart Pact
IE: how to be a crafter when you don't have a craftbag. Note my advice reflects my personal play style and might not be for everyone.

- Use your mules/alts to store do not just play.
- If you do play your alts have them take turns holding inventory.
- Keep the same type of item on one alt. Example if you had a character named Banksalot and a character named Altasaurus. Banksalot might have all your provisioning mats. Altasaurus would hold all your enchants.
- MOUNT. Level up that mount at the stables! On every alt. Do not forget.
- BAGS. As you gain wealth level up your bags at the Pack Merchant.
- BANK. You can pay for more bank storage with in game coin.
- New player will have to do a lot of logging out and back in. It gets better over time.
- Have at least one good trading guild and sell plants (alchemy ingredients) to make money to pay for upgrades.
- Use one alt for picking nodes with star chart champion points put toward increased yield. Plentiful Harvest is easy to get early.

There is some question as to if you should level all the crafts on one character or level each craft on individual characters. I am in favor of leveling all crafts on my main character only - the one I got to level 50 first. Because after ding-50, xp is in demand and crafting gives some.

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