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Torlin Vilann - The First No'shira Ansei

Started by Torlin Vilann
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Firstname - Torlin
Surname - Vilann
Title - No'shira Ansei
Sex - Male
Race - Redguard
Age - Approx. 65 during ESO
Occupation - No'shira Ansei of the Ri Do No Ugakta
Faction - Daggerfall Covenant
Appearance - (As best I can get with a TES engine)
Personality - Torlin is one to consider all outcomes, and thinks greatly on what course of action his guild should take. He is reclusive and spends his time sharpening his skills and equipment, and of course, leading, training, and managing his guild.
Social Background/Backstory - (The following is Torlin's autobiography.)
My name is Torlin Vilann. I was born in Stros M'Kai, a city in Hammerfell located off the south-west coastline. I was born to a wealthy family; my father a successful sea-merchant, my mother a lesser noble of Hegathe. All my life, I was raised to learn the ways of trade and seamanship, but all my life I felt longing for something unforeseen.

One day, when I was about 15 years of age, my father had me experience a trip from our family dock in Stros M'Kai to the large port city of Sentinel. It was much longer than my previous trips, as they were mostly to Hegathe, Rihad, and a port town on the west shore of the Gilane peninsula.

This trip would eternally change my life. As we were first passing Sun Keep, a coastal fort, my father's crew and I met face-to-face with a lowly Akaviri raiding vessel. The crew later assumed they were unsuccessful with raids in northern Tamriel, that they felt pressured to continue sailing west--only to meet the well-fortified lands of High Rock, and soon later the coast of Hammerfell. They were starved, and dehydrated, surely much of the crew had died during the voyage. The stronger pirates were able to fight, and in such a way I had never seen before. The Akaviri were no chance for the well-fed, well-hydrated, and well-rested sailors of my father's ship. However, they did leave their mark. From that day forward, I was forever fascinated by the Akaviri and the way they fought with such precision, accuracy, and dedication--even when starved! I could not imagine how well an Akaviri would fight with proper nutrition and training. Upon docking in Sentinel, I set out to find out. I asked many people, at the harbor and in the city, and was eventually lead to a book merchant. I searched for what was probably hours, so long that I'm surprised I hadn't missed the return home. I left with several books, ones that would teach me the ways of the Akaviri blademasters.

Upon returning to my home, the crew reported to my father about the Akaviri. He was furious about the attack, and worrisome about what would might come in the future. In my young age, I assumed that my father had personal quarrels with the Akaviri, so I hid my studying from him.

For several years, I practiced with what I could: visual illustrations and scimitars from my family's estate guardhouse.

For my nineteen day of birth, I was gifted a simple sailing vessel. I was to move to any city of my choosing and grow the Vilann dynasty. Uninterested in a mercantile lifetime, I sold the ship upon landing in Sentinel, and with the money, I began taking fighting lessons with a sword singer who had studied the Akaviri's way of combat for many years. I trained for years, all the while, I sent letters to my father lying about my process in mercantilism, and I paid off dock workers to tell the crews of my father's ships that my business was doing profitably. The money lasted several years--I spent no expenses on luxuries, large meals, entertainment, and even tavern rooms (save for the harsher winters). I was of around twenty-five years of age (I had lost count of my age for quite some time) when I was greeted by my teacher one day. He arrived at the practice grounds with a wagon behind his horse. From the wagon, he presented a series of cases, mostly flat. He told me "In each of these cases, there belongs an artifact that was once proudly in service to a great warrior named Gaiden Shinji. They have each been buffed, sharpened, and refitted by the best smiths of Sentinel. As you have proven particularly exceptional in your training, I give them to you." Truthfully, I was shocked and surprised. I hadn't realized I was as good as he lead me to believe, certainly not good enough to sport the gear of Gaiden Shinji. I accepted, and the training was over as soon as it had begun. The following day, my teacher was reported assassinated by a ruthless and cunning group.

The following years, I journeyed across Hammerfell with a mercenary group by the name of the Sword Singers of Sentinel Company. We served as guards, protective services, auxiliary forces in scrimmages and smaller battles between the lords of Tamriel (particularly in High Rock), and in the darker times as plain thugs attempting to scrape by. All of that had changed when Staron of Goldmoor had joined the company. In a matter of a few months, he had managed to persuade and bribe his way into command of the company. He turned it into a band of mercenaries. A group of traitorous scum that horridly abused the name of sword singerss. I left the company with what I could, and in the nearest city, Skaven, I formed the Ri Do No Ugakta--the Warriors with no Anger.

The Ri Do No Ugakta was built around the original Sword Singers, and we preferred skill over number. Only if one was willing to learn and improve were they ready to be accepted. I taught the small, arising company the ways of the Akaviri fighters and the integrity of the original Yokudan Sword Singers.

Over the next several years, the Ri Do No Ugakta grew into a full-fledged guild, with stations in cities across Hammerfell, High Rock, and Cyrodiil. Its roster grew to nearly 500 soldiers, all trained to exceptional quality. The guild crowned me as their "No'shira Ansei", Yokudan for Noble Sword Singer.

Somewhere in the early 6th century of the 2nd era, I gained knowledge of an incredible power in Skyrim originating from the dovah. In an attempt to connect myself more to the Akaviri, the land of dragons, I searched Skyrim for this power. After weeks of traveling and researching, I unveiled that a group of hermits lived at the "throat of the world". I could not discover what that had meant, and decided to leave Skyrim empty-handed. However, upon my retreat to the warmer lands of Hammerfell, I was caught by the tale of men with the ability to bellow the words of Dovah. I had eventually found myself at the base of a large mountain, which I would venture up with my lieutenants. The climb took days, and we were blinded by the thick snow. We eventually reached a structure, high in the clouds, passed feasible habitation. Inside the structure, men of ripe age described the process of learning the powers of the voice. Realizing that it took many years to master the skill, my party left the following day down the mountainside. During the journey home to Hammerfell, I attempted to bellow as they had described for days. I could not shift myself throughout realms, and I could not muster any destructive powers, but I had learned how to holler above the loudness of combat and command my company--a skill that would prove quite useful during battle. In addition, the Ri Do No Ugakta grew further during this trip, with many Nords, as well as various races from across Tamriel, wishing to learn our ways of war.

Upon the forming of the Daggerfall Covenant, High King Emeric requested that the Ri Do No Ugakta form the elite core of the covenant's army. I would fight beside a king with a cause, and my Ri Do No Ugakta beside his Lion Guard.

The high point of my life resided in the past, several years ago. I know that I am of at least eighty years of age upon writing this, which is why I decided to not emphasize too much detail on my life's events. Let this book mark the story of the Ri Do No Ugakta.

Best Memory - Receiving the alleged equipment of Gaiden Shinji
Worst Memory - His father and his father's lover imprisoning him for ransom when Torlin arrived at his mother's funeral
Skills - A master Yokudan Sword Singer and Akaviri Swordsman. As for game skills, One-Handed, Block, Heavy Armor, Speech, Smithing
Challenges for the Character - His old age upon serving High King Emeric
Birthsign - The Warrior (it's only natural)
Religious Views - Torlin was raised to the Yokudan pantheon, but studies the religions of Akavir more
Politics Views - He has a strong dislike towards those who start wars with poor or selfish reason
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