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Trial and Error

Started by Lurgahk
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((This is my first Roleplay post I've ever done with the Elder Scrolls, so I would very much appreciate feedback. Thank you. :) ))

The vast forests of Valenwood is an oasis of lush, green scenery among the regions of Tamriel. No other place in Nirn contains beauty that could even come close to surpass the home of the Bosmer. Not only is Valenwood simply a pleasure to the eyes, but it also is home to one of the most skilled archers in all of Tamriel. At least, that is what Tallisk would tell you.

Three soldiers of the Daggerfall Covenant were huddled in a cluster, just beyond the boarder that serperated the Dominion's territory from Cyrodiil.

"I knew we shouldn't have seperated from the main force. This was foolish. We should turn back." The cowardly speaker who suggested to retreat appeared to be a Breton. He was wearing a long blue robe, with numerous scrolls poking out of his pocket.

"It is too late to turn back now, Lotrin. That pack of Dominion filth is probably waiting for us only a few miles back at Kvatch and Skingrad. They might even be looking for us now. If we turn back now we will surely find ourselves without heads." Now this one seemed a bit more dangerous. A warrior in black armor, wielding a massive greatsword. An Orc, so it seemed. One could easily mistaken this fellow for a Daedra.

"Toril is right. There is no getting back now. Our only chance is going into the woods, swimming across the river, and hoping those damned elves didn't make it to Anvil yet." Yet another Breton, scrolls filling his pockets, only this one was in orange robes. Perhaps the two are colleagues in the Mage's Guild?

Lotrin sighed. "We can't! You think our chances are better inside the forest than out here? That's simply suicide! If we go in there, they'll b-"


The orange mage let out a horrid scream, as he watched his friend sink to the ground with a thump. The scene was remarkably clean, except for a few drops of blood. The blue-robed mage was lying in the ground, his jaw still wide open, as if he was about to spew out more irritating comments. A single arrow began it's way through his right ear, and the dull tip that was covered in blood and pink residue, found its way just behind the other ear.

Not a perfect shot, but Tallisk wasn't wanting perfect. He wanted to shut the man up.

The warrior took the sword from his back and looked around. He even stared directly at the Bosmer, and for a moment the archer thought his location was revealed.

The warrior turned away and faced the direction from whence they came, and this is just when Tallisk took another arrow from his quiver and aimed it at the Orc's helmet. The surviving mage was still screaming in horror, kneeling down at the corpse.

Tallisk let the arrow fly, and the orc turned his head just in time for it to hit the side of his helmet. The orc fell to the ground, a dent in his helmet. The mage turned to the new body lying on the ground, this time no girlish screams came from his throat, only silence.

Tallisk jumped down from the tree, and walked towards the mage, quivering in fear. He quickly made his way to his feet and raised his hands at the Bosmer. His hands began to glow a luminescent white, surely preparing to zap Tallisk with a bolt of lightning.

The archer quickly took an arrow from his quiver and shot an arrow in the mage's right hand. Of course, the mage then let out another scream, grasping his wrist, glaring down at the arrow in his hand.

He reached to his pocket for a scroll, but only found yet another arrow in his hand. Apparently, all this young one could do was scream.

Tallisk continued walking towards this victim. Yet another arrow found the mage's left foot, and he collapsed on the ground, howling to the sky.

The Bosmer kneeled down at the orcish body, and ripped off his chestplate. He put his pointed ear to his chest. His heart was still beating. He had simply been knocked out.

Tallisk then went over to the other corpse, and heaved it over his shoulder. He turned to the only concious survivor. "The Orc is alive, and you are alive. Leave with your friend now. I only spare you because you are too skinny, and I feel as though the Orc would taste terrible."

Tallisk turned and made his way back into Valenwood, listening to the weeping of the mage. He grinned.
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Definitely a pretty awesome piece for being your first fanfiction!The writing is clean and sharp, detailing the visuals quite well. I also like how the end alluded to a certain bosmer tradition, keeping true to the Elder Scrolls lore and wood elf culture. It also looks like Tallisk has a bit of a tongue-in-cheek approach to situations.

Keep up the writing, this is a quality start!

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