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Trolling the Sylvanar

Started by ModocBearclaw
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Aldmeri Dominion
I know there's a guild out there called "Trolling the Sylvanar" who's sole purpose is to kill the boss before she can go downstairs to torment the Sylvanar. They do this 24/7 in 2-4 hour shifts just to be jerks about it. Some of them even tell people to pay them 50k in gold and they will not kill the lady, then they do it anyways after they get paid their ransom. And that's 50k person. So if someone in the group doesn't pay, and they see someone come in, they kill her outright.

There has been rumors about this issue being fixed, and the offenders being banned, but has anyone else received or found any information for anything regarding this quest in Malabal Tor?

I would really like to finish the Queen's quest line in that area and be able to start the continuing part in Reaper's March. That's the other thing too, if you don't complete the quest line in Malabal Tor, you are not able to finish the story line in Reaper's March.
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