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Started by Xoo
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English: I don't have a problem with alcohol, I've problems with fuckin' reality!

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Hahaha, so true. The only time I drink is to get drunk (though not often - I haven't had a drink since January). Being absolutely wasted takes away the worries of real world problems. Sort of an escape from reality while you're still in it.

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I typically drink wine with dinner. Not a bottle, perhaps a glass and sometimes a sweeter drink afterward like Amaretto, Lemoncello or a Port. I do not like to get drunk at all. My wife and I have really learned alot about wines and beers and different kinds of liquors. We have a pretty modest but varied assortment in the basement.

In Jamaica I drank Mojitos, Miami Vices, lots of top shelf rum drinks and once in a while I got pretty buzzed but not staggeringly drunk.

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