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True An-Xileel

Quick Info
System : Playstation 4
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, Roleplay
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by MSF Ankhor.
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About True An-Xileel
Alliance, focuses, seeking for, time zone:
Ebonheart faction, pve/roleplay, seeking other Saxhleel willing and able to lead our people through other focuses such as pvp, social events, crafting, etcetera. GMT -4.
I am presently hardcore as far as frequency of in-game time being daily, yet I will start my second job soon, decreasing my in-game time. I will still be online website guild communicating + developing. I h an do broadcast 1-3 hour quest(rarely other tasks) missions.
I, Ankhor MSF Tree-Blood, also called Ankhor Kota-Sax-Blood, have been accepted by the An-Xileel that originated in the pc world. Being the only ps4 representative, I am the Archwarden for here. Any member from the sam An-Xileel pc guild will be given a higher rank a soon as they join. Seniority.
I need other marsh devoted kin to provide other facets of our family. I have labeled the present focus of this guild as my personal contribution, yet as an adequate leader for the other focuses join and prove them self, we shall expand as planned. A scaled skin to lead pvp activities(which have additional sub categories), blacksmithing, provisioning, recruiting, woodworking, and low level tutoring. I am a lvl 50 alchemist, that enjoys concocting. I am personally strongly interested in the story(lore) of our people, and will ensure any dispute our miscommunication is clarified decisively.

Guild member attributes:
A guild for only Saxhleel(argonians). We have a common interest in representing and developing our marsh sisters and brothers. We are focused on promoting our agreeable heritage, and reminding others that may have lost their connection to the sax([hist]root).
All Saxhleel are welcome to join, yet only Saxhleel will be involved in guild activities, example: I have a Ra Gada avatar that has rarely been played. If I was to use it, I would be excluded from all activities, even guild discussion. Strictly. My word is bond and I live by laws I set. All Marsh-Wardens will be honorable in terms of An-Xileel Saxhleel only protocol.
We shall grow to envelope Tamriel as a strong self governing body. We may end up doing so discreetly, as we naturally blend in with the nature around us. Regardless, our roots will ground and connect those of us with the common focus of growth and development for our "people of the root."
If you identify a role u will fulfill, know someone that will or are interested to inquire more, Do. We are survivors, that were the original inhabitants of Tamriel. Now we unite to thrive.
Stay Moist
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