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Started by Turnil
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
name: Turnil



best memory: when he did his first kill

worst memory: when his stronghold was destroyed

loves: fighting, pain, inflicting pain, drinking and talking about his quest (not always in that order)

hates: vampires, sneaky bastards, high elfs and politicians. (so he really hate a sneaky, vampire high elf who is a politician)

I was born in one of the tribal village in the mountains of high rock. Were he lived until his 7 year. His mother and were murdered by his the chieftain brother Nash who killed them while they were sleeping with some poison he had made. But I saw how he had passion my parents but Nash saw that he saw that. (ugh, what is did a stupid languages.) So I screamed and my tribal brother waked up seeing Nash standing there with the bottle of poison and his war hammer. Before they could do something smashed Nash my uncles head in with his war hammer. The others tried to kill him but he was to strong, his eyes were like he wasn’t there, like he was controlled by someone. I jumped out of my bed and ran away, knowing that fighting him would mean certain dead. I ran and I ran, as fast as I could. Slowly the sound of battle disappeared and I was all alone. But I kept running until I fell exhausted on the ground.
When I opened my eyes the next day, I was lying next to a small lake I never had seen before. I picked a big stick up from the ground and thought what my father stayed. A true orc can handle everything on his own. I began walking, in the hope to find something to eat and a place to stay. But I was just a few miles away from the lake when 4 wolfs jumped out of the bushes. I stood my ground and thought about the things my father had learned me. The wolfs slowly surrounded me, waiting to find a weak spot in my defence. But instated of waiting for them to attack I jumped forward with my stick was able to hit the biggest wolf who fell against a tree. Before the other 2 wolfs were able to comprehend what has happened the 3 wolf jumped at me pushing me on the ground. I was just able to break the wolfs neck before I was going to end as dog food. The other 2 wolfs were sacred of my and began running away. I notice to grab one at his tail and I smashed his had in with a rock I picked up from the ground. Then I took some time to regain my strength a man came out of the forest. Thinking it was a bandit took my stick and I tried to hit his legs. But he jumped just in time aside, took my stick and threw it away. Before I know it had I a knife on neck. Then 3 other man jumped out of the bushes (yeah, I hate bushes, to many surprises.) they screamed at him to let me go and face justice for some crime of something. But he just laugh and stayed he didn’t understand why they were worried about me, somebody they didn’t even know and that I was a lesser race. While at that moment I was to pissed off to care that I was the prisoner and I moved my hand as fast as I could to his hand with the knife pushing it away, while other hand grabbed him by the balls. Before he even knew what just hath happened was I in control. I looked him in the eyes who clearly sayed “don’t even think about it” and I pulled his balls of.
Waiting a minute for everyone to calm down.
He screamed like nobody had ever screamed before. He felled right on the forest floor where he screamed and moved like a lizards tail who is cut off . Then I moved my hand with his balls near his mouth
and I shove his balls right into his mouth. Then he tried to get my hands of his face but when he fell he had dropped his knife but I kept my hand on his mouth. After he choked on his on balls while having the worst pain a person can feel, I stood up and looked at the other 3 humans. I know that after fighting those wolfs and that human I didn’t had the strength to fight them to. But I would go down fighting, like malacth and my father should have wanted. But instead of attacking one of the humans put his weapon away. He asked my “where are your parents young one”. I stayed that they were not on this world anymore. Then he asked me to come with them, He stayed that they know a orphanage were I could stay and he added, you could even train their to become even a greater warrior. So I agreed, knowing that another day in the wilds I might not survive. I took some stuff of the bandit (his knife, sword and shield) and I cut his stomach open and take one of his bales out of his stomach and I put it in a small leather purse hoping it will bring me good luck as a trophy of my first big kill. Then one of the Humans started to puck.

after that I was sent to a orphanege were I took the name Turnil. was fled after I killed serval of my human friends (those bretons are not very though) and I was lukely to find a job in finding dwemmer materials and melting it down for wapons far away from the town and it's city guards.

now the war has started I see my chance for glory. I will find enough dwemer weapons, kill enough elf’s (and other enemy's, but primarily elf’s) and will bring glory to my kind and Malacth

i have more story's to tell but then I want more ale/likes :)
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