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Twas a Dark and Stormy Night... OOC

Started by Iogairn
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While travelling in High Rock, a band of travellers are hit by a furious storm. Fearing for their safety, they run to find the nearest shelter. It is not long before they find a manor house, seemingly empty, but safe. As they dry themselves and settle in for the storm to pass, suspicions are raised. Because they start to wonder if the house is truly empty after all...

I haven’t completely sorted out the plot, but I’m going to create a few NPC’s so I can have events have an impact without attacking the players. I’m thinking this could be open ended, so the choices made by the player(s) will affect the ultimate ending, but I’m not sure.

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Maybe... I might consider a bit of roleplay...

Mer Over Man
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A haunted manor, hmm?

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