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Two Gifts - Not a Single further - Part 1

Started by Idriar
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Two Gifts - Not a Single further - Part 1

The First Gift

part 2:

part 3:

Snortingly Dlesyddion was pushed under water.

"Look out, the Dreugh will eat you!" Remerea laughed gleefully.

With all the force he tried to break away. Finally he managed to shake off the beast grip and he emerged laughingly.

"You will not get me! You will not get me!"

Vinon made gurgling noises and waded through the shallow water up to Remerea and Dlesyddion.

"I'm a Dreugh, I will eat you up!"

Laughing, the children splashed through the water. Supple-Scales watched the play of small Dunmer jealously and attentively. Varuhlen mistress had ordered him expressly to not be distracted by anything while he was taking care of the children. Willy-nilly he had to stay out of the cooling waters of the sea. As if he hadn´t had enough to do at handling Dlesyddion, he had now also to watch Remerea Hlaalu and these naughty Vinon Gilith. At least he did not have to carry heavy boxes, that was something. The Argonian sprawled on a rock and called out to the children, not to swim too far away. Not that he could not easily pull them out of the water- he wanted to avoid it. He used to be unhappy with his fate as a slave, but here in Suran working for Foneri and Vonaverth Varuhlen improved his life significantly. Far from water, he had to work in the dry, hot plains of Molag Amur for Codremu Varuhlen and his clan till he gave Supple-Scales to his brother Vonaverth Varuhlen as a gift. Since then he has lived on the coast and could be off and flush the ashes of his skin. Yes, so you could stand it actually, thought the Argonian and closed his eyes.

During Supple-Scales dozed off slowly, the three small Dunmer moved away more and more from him.

"This is boring. Let's play something else!" Said Remerea bad-tempered. Vinon had just dunked her. He was a naughty little boy from a family of little reputation in Sarun. Dlesyddion liked him because you could play so good pranks with him.

"But I am the Dreugh!" Brawled the strikingly fair-skinned Dunmer boy. When he made as if to push Remerea under the water again, she jumped away laughing - and sank in the water scared.

Snorting, she came up again.

"Here the beach is over. Let us better return to Supple-Scales." Dlesyddion said as he offered his hand Remerea to lift her up. Pertly she struck it out.

"Och, is our little Sydd fearing that that wicked, wicked slave scolds him when he swims out too far?" Teased Vinon. Dlesyddion did not like it when someone calls Supple-Scales a slave. He always called him uncle.

"I'm not afraid!" Said Dlesyddion instead. "I'm a real Varuhlen, and when I grow up I will wander with Uncle Codremu through Molag Amur! And we will find the greatest treasures and adventures!"

"I'm laughing, you're too skinny! Even I am stronger than you. I'm going to be a great warrioress, and will show everyone that we Hlaalu can fight too!" Laughed the girl with fiery red eyes and fiery red hairs.

"Pah! All Hlaalu are merchants, that knows every child! Also you guys have not even yet nearly enough guts to leave the city alone!"

"I am brave!" Responded Dlesyddion Remerea and in the choir.

"Oh, then ..." Vinon looked around "then you're definitely not afraid to swim over to Ascadia islands, heh?"

The Ascadia islands lay directly opposite the beach in front of the small town of Sarun.

"Are you crazy? I won´t swim through the sea only for these stupid islands!" said Remerea, reply before Dlesyddion could.

"Oh, our fine Hlaalu has suddenly become too fine for swimming?"

"I'm not fine Hlaalu!" Raging Remerea punched him. "I swim to these islands, and I bet I'm there before you two!"

"Oh yeah? Fine, I bet you ..."

She already swam away.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Vinon cried and swam behind. Dlesyddion was left alone on the beach. Should he go with them? Supple-Scales would certainly be in trouble when his mother found out that he had made it far beyond the...

"Sydd, you cowardly Skeever! You coming, or have you grown roots there?" Called Vinon.

Angry Dlesyddion plunged into the water. So he would swim.

After they had swum a couple of moments, they were almost on the other side. Remerea resulted in a small race.

"Well, I told you that I was the first ..." She paused and stopped swimming. Anxiously, she turned to the other two children.
"There was something ... on my leg ..." She said with fearful eyes.

Dlesyddion hold himself over water and looked around. He had never seen Remerea so anxious. The sea water was burning in the eyes. Maybe he shouldn´t really have swam out so far. For a brief moment he thought about turning around and as fast as he could swim back to the beach. But he didn´t want to look like a coward Vinon and Remerea.

"That was the Dreugh!" Vonin laughed and began swimming further.

Out of all the sudden Remerea screamed. The cry was making Dlesyddions blood curdling. The water around the almost blue-skinned girl turned red. A slaughte-fish had bitten into her leg. Dlesyddion screamed. Vinon screamed. Suddenly everything went extremely quickly.

A green shadow flitted past his face, he was grabbed and pulled into the water. The sea water around it mingled with tears and blood. The next what could remember Dlesyddion was how Supple-Scales yelled at him. What he had been thinking. Through a veil of tears, he saw how Remerea writhed in pain on the beach and in tears the leg was still bleeding.

"... Damn, Damn, Damn, how can I explain to her mother! Hi'uchch! Me you will not bleed to death!"

The desperate Argonian grabbed at his horns and shaked out of desperation at them. He shouted and hissed bitterly. When he recovered he grabbed the as paralyzed standing Vinon by the shoulders.

"You! You little Prspsss! That was definitely your idea! You are good for nothing! Go! Run for Suran! Get the healer here! Get Help!"

Vinon awoke as if from a trance and began running and howling as if a pack of Nix-hounds was after him.

Finally, the Argonian turned back to the still bleeding Remerea. Her skin was even bluer than usual.

"D-do not worry, little Hlaalu. Everything will be all right!"

Dlesyddion knew that was not true. He knelt down to her. Her pleading eyes seemed to scream, "Help me!" But how could he? He was not a healer.

Remerea must not die! She could not! He wiped the tears from his eyes. Timid, he stretched out his hand to her gash on the leg.

"What are you doing!" Shouted Supple-scales and screamed in horror slapping his hand away. "Do not make it worse than it is!" Angrily jumped up the Argonian.

"What shall I do! Skinning hides, that´s what will happen!" Supple-Scale gave himself up entirely to his despair. He knew that his life was forfeit if the girl died. While the slave whimpered Dlesyddion stretched out his hand for Remereas wound.

He had often seen as the healer of Sarun worked. Whenever a slave injured at work, or someone was sick, he came. He held out his hand, and radiant light pouring from the palm, caressed each finger and formed a glowing sphere. Dlesyddions hand remained just before the wound. But he was not a magician, especially not a healer. He hung his head and closed his eyes. How much he wanted to be a healer. Then he could help Remerea. Tears flow from his eyes. He would have given anything to only be able to assist Remerea.

Really everything? I want her!

Remerea touched him softly.

"Look. Your Hand. Such beautiful colours."

Dlesyddion looked at his hand. A bright ball hung from his palm. A strange tingling emanated from it. Magic. Could it really be true? His wish was fulfilled? Was this really a healing spell?

"Sydd. Please. Heal me."

Dlesyddion did not hesitate to put his hand on Remereas wound. His arm was shaking. It felt as if power would flow from his body, which he had not even known yet. The dazzling light was extinguished. He raised his hand and the wound had closed below. Remerea smiled at him. Dlesyddion smiled back, then he fainted ...

Quiet bits of conversation -

"... in Rainhand..."

"... clear to me the Mage. Birth signs never fail ..."

"... a more complex spell. Usually you can heal up yourself before ..."

"... okay? He saved my life! He must wake up, please, if I ..."

"... Collapsed? The impact on such a young body was certainly much stronger than you might think. He also consuming more Magicka ..."

"... The first gift. Yet a second I will give thee. She´s worth it. Later. If you WANT it. But not a single further I will give thee..."

Silence -

Dlesyddion opened his eyes. He was in his room. Sun shone through the window. At one table, whisch was not there usually and which was nearly covered with bottles and all kinds of equipment, his uncle Codremu and uncle Supple-Scales played cards.

"Just like old times, isn´t it, Scales?"

The Argonian winced as if beaten. He anxiously looked between his cards and Codremu back and forth.

"See, he's awake!"

His uncle dropped the cards and called the family together.

Codremu sat down beside Dlesyddion on the bed and disheveled his hair. "Sydd the little magician! You've just built a reputation while I was away!"

"Uncle Codremu! What are you doing here? What has happened?"

"Easy sydd. I came as fast as I could when I heard that my favorite nephew... something has happened. The healer will be able to explain everything to you surely."

The whole family made sure happily that it went well with Dlesyddion again. Dresaya Hlaalu thanked him for saving her daughter´s live. Also Remerea and Vinon were there. Then appeared the healer of Suran.

When he entered the room lowered conversations and almost returned a devout silence. Lo-Dres Dres spread alone with his appearance grandeur. His white hair and wrinkled skin was a sign of old age, but his eyes held a fire living inside.

"Well, I hear you doing better, Sydd. You know how people call you in Suran? Sydd the little magician." He relies on his staff while on the bed appeared.

"Listen to me, you have a powerful gift Sydd. For a child I've never seen magic at a level as yours. For many years I refused to take a student, but I ask you:... Do you want to be trained as healer by me?"

Dlesyddion swallowed. The old man was something like a saint in this village. All honored and greeted him warmly. He swallowed. What to say?

"I ... I think ... yes ... if dad does not mind ..."

Loud laughter filled the small room.

As the evening came, and Dlesyddion dozed in his bed, a small Dunmer girl with red eyes and red hair sneaked into his room. Without him noticing Remerea sat on his bed and gave him a peck on the cheek. Then she crept out again.

"So, what did he say?" Vonin asked, who was waiting outside.

"We have not spoken." Remerea said with a smile.

"Then why came we here at all?"

Chuckling, she left the light-skinned boy and went home. Boys ...
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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
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Very nice. The only thing that could be improved is the bit where he heals her. It is the climax of the story and I sort of missed it because it was so short. But apart from that it was great!

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Well, then Part Two will follow soon ;)

Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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