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Two Gifts - Not a Single further - Part 3

Started by Idriar
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Two Gifts - Not a Single further - Part 3

The Payment

part 1:

part 2:

All day he had hauled boxes and bags up the cliffs and barrels and bales down again. But the work did not bother him. Nothing bothered him anymore. He was thirsty, but did not drink water. His mouth felt strange, like empty. What it indeed was. It had since long ceased to bleed, only the pain remained, but that did not bother him as said. How long ago was it that he had been brought back from Molag Amur to Suran? A few days? A few weeks? Years? He could hardly remember yesterday.
Supple-Scales grabbed the small clay phial. He did not know where he had carried it or who had given it to him. He only knew what was in it. All his life he had been a slave. He had been traded as a ware. Had served good and bad men and suffered a lot. But never, never Supple-Scales fell to the drug, with which the Dunmer were wont to make their slaves quiet. There once was a time in which he had been proud of that fact. But this time he could not remember.
Heavy-handed he uncorked the bottle. With his glassy left eye the Argonian looked out over the lake before Suran. The other eye was no more than a milky white spot in the middle of poorly healed, burnt flesh. His left horn broke loose some time ago. The scales of Argoniers had lost any luster. He was skinny and dirty. Moving the little bottle to his mouth he started to drink. It was said Skooma is sweet, but he could not tell. In the days when he still had a tongue, he never drank Skooma.

He drank and forgot.


Supported by his uncle Codremu Dlesyddion was standing on the brink of the abyss. He could barely breathe from the heat and ash. The fight with Supple-scales had been very hard afterall. Codremus men had tied up the still whining Argonian and dragged him out of the tomb. Blood ran from his mouth. The young Dunmer still could not believe that they had listened to. Dlesyddion did not want think how the whining and stammering of the slave after a gurgling cry changed to this disgusting stertorou breathing.
Below him the lave cooked. Stone lard. Rock bursts. First disbanded only single chunk, but then came the whole edge in motion. The slope, in which the tomb was built and now in the body of Lo-Dres Dres was, broke off and fell into the evil hissing and glowing red tides. Molten rock splashed just into the air. A huge pillar of fire. As if it was a finger reaching towards the ash clouds in the sky. It was as if it was pushing against an invisible wall. The lava spread all over the sky. The sky was covered with glowing, molten rock! Then it all fell down.

He was standing in a forest. It was not just a couple of trees as they grow sporadically on Vvardenfel. There were thousands of trees. They looked different from everything he knew, no palm trees. They had no leaves, but many small black needles. The ground was entirely covered with them. It was dark. And incredibly cool. Then he felt his eyes. Slowly turned the young Dunmer around. A creature hid among the trees and looked at him. It looked like a Nix Hound. But it was covered with fur. And had a mers face. The creature screamed. It tried to warn him, but from what? Dlesyddion ran through the woods. The elfish face of the beast pursued him. He got to a clearing. A little man stood there. With a leash he captured the beast and whipped it with a twig. The little man looked at Dlesyddion and laughed.

"Do not worry. I have not forgotten you. I will claim my price very soon."

Then he woke up.


"Did you have a nightmare again, Sydd?"

Remerea lay beside him on the bed and looked at him with wide eyes. Her blue grey skin made her blood-red eyes and red hair shine even more. But Dlesyddion now was worry in her eyes and a little fear.

He nodded.

"Have I yelled? I did not mean to scare you."

"No, no. It's just ... you moan and move yourself restlessy during sleep. So I woke up. Did you.. the nightmares are related to what happened in this terrible tomb, aren´t they?"

Dlesyddion knew where this was going. He had never told anyone exactly what happened in the crypt. Of course, he had said that Lo-Dres Dres had been killed by the undead corpse of a Bouyant Arminger. But of course not, that he had allowed it to happen. No one would ever know, he did not even need to lie. Any more than he already had ... It was his sacred duty to stick to the truth with other Dunmer. He just had not told everything. And it would remain like this. Also he found the dreams... visions rather than nightmares. They were ... strange and he felt that they had little to do with the tomb.

"I'm fine. I just need some more time to forget what happened. ... I would not burden you with it."

Remerea sighed.

"I wish you would tell me what happened. Not because of you ... People want to know how lo-Dres Dres has died."

Before he could answer there was a knock at the door. Remerea covered her shame, Dlesyddion threw on a gown.

"Come in!"

Dresaya Hlaalu, Remereas mother entered. Her eyes fell on the rumpled bed. She was not exactly happy about Remerea was so precocious, but she was once a young Dunmera, too. She was also glad that she shared her bed with Dlesyddion, her future husband, and not with someone else. Moreover Dlesyddion had saved her daughters life once, so she had given him a friendly and forgiving side of herelf.

"Daughter. Varuhlen. Someone has been seriously injured and needs your services Sy ... Dlesyddion."

She knew that he did not like the boy name. In addition, her daughter should marry a man and not a boy. She looked around again in her daughter's room. She knew what was going on in a young female dark elfs mind. She did not want her daughter to love someone, except the one she would marry according to the contract. That would only cause problems. Her eyes wandered down everywhere, looking for any clues. When they found nothing to her satisfaction, she left the room and closed the door behind her.

Dlesyddion found the behavior of Dresaya Hlaalu strange.

"What has she been looking for, your mother? She took a look around quite a long time indeed."

Remerea said nothing for a while. Then she felt Dlesyddions questioning look.

"Oh, nothing."

"Nothing? She has been looking for something. Has she lost something, or do you perhaps? What do I get when I find it? A kiss?"

He laughed and kissed her arm.

"Come on. Tell me."

"All right! She thinks I would cheat on you!"

"What, that's ridiculous! You wouldn´t do that!" He was shocked. How could such a thing Dresaya only think of her own daughter. But then remembered Dlesyddion what his uncle had said about young Dunmer women. With a salacious smile, he had told him of the "hunger" that burns in young Dunmera of 40 to 100 years.

"You would never do such, right?"

"How can only YOU say something like this?"

Furiously she threw a pillow at him.

"You're worse than my mother."

Insulted, she threw herself on the bed and turned her back on him.

Dlesyddion did not want to offend her. But “No” she had not said. It was better to say nothing when Remerea was upset. Especially if it was justified. Finally, he had doubted her loyalty.

"I'm sorry. Gotta go. ... I love you."

He quickly got dressed and went to the door. He took another look. But he could not see how a tear ran down her cheeks.


As Dlesyddion was gone from the shadows between two opposite houses a weedy Dunmer with striking pale skin stepped. He crossed the road and crept around the house of Hlaalu family. Finally he found the window to Remereas room and climbed inot.

He saw how Remerea wiped away a tear.

Vonin smiled broadly because she was naked. But instead smiling Remerea pulled the blanket over her breasts.

"Don´t look at me like that!"

Vonin was confused.

"Come on. We have not much time!"

"I know. 'That's exactly what bothers me. Since Dlesyddion is back ... I think we should see no more for a while."

Vonin sat by her bed. He gently touched her chin and lifted her head up.

"Who do you love? Me? The man who loves you. Or Dlesyddion? The man who saved your life, and your parents now want to marry you to? You've already given up your dream of seeing the world. Want to obey your parents forever? "

Remerea really did not know. Did she love Vonin or Dlesyddion? Her heart was undecided. Instead, she felt that Vonin forced her to respond. She got mad. More to herself than to her lover

"You talk easy! Your father is a drinker and your mother ran off! How should you know what it means to do your duty for the house!"

As soon as she had spoken these words, she felt sorry already. Vonin was petrified.

"I ... you're right. ... We should perhaps not see us for a while. ... I..." he fell silent. He turned and climbed out the window.

"Vonin wait!"

Vonin paused.

"I love you."

"I know," said Vonin and disappeared from the window.

Now Remerea sat alone on her bed. The two men who loved her, she had offended. Tears ran down her cheek. She gritted her teeth. She was not allowed to let her mother see her like that. Suddenly someone knocked at the door.


"What happened?"

"A stranger came from the north. We do not know who he is. He is bleeding profusely and suffering from gangrene. Ashlanders He must be one of a normal Dunmer would have never done it in his state through Molag Amur."

Dlesyddion was led to the tavern of Suran. Lots of people had already gathered to inspect the stranger. Besides trading not much happened in Suran. On the way Dlesyddion was greeted friendly. He liked how the people respected him now. Previously he had been invisible, at best he was addressed by the people as "Sydd the little mage". But today he was greeted Dlesddion, and asked him for his opinion.

They reached the inn. A Dunmer, entirely covered with ash and dust, lay on one of the tables. His clothing consisted of coarse fabrics and all sorts of other materials. He had Burns on his shoulders and arms, a deep wound in the side, probably from a wild animal. He was unconscious.

Dlesyddion approached the table. Such wounds he healed many, that was no problem for him. So he rolled up his sleeves and put his right hand on the burns. He focused on the restoration. The blisters disappeared and heal skin appeared. The gaping wound to the guts was sealed when he sent his flow of Magicka there. The gangrene was there something special. He concentrated and remembered what his master Lo-Dres Dres had taught about its healing. In him came up the memory of Lo-Dres Dres, but he suppressed it. He had to focus.

Finally, he was done.

"You can wake him up now. It would be interesting to know what he wanted here."

One of the bystanders came up and shook Ashlanders easily. Slowly the Dunmer regained consciousness. At the outset he only moved his hand weakly around, but then he grabbed the citizen of Surans collar.

"Where am I? What is this place?"

"Do not worry. You are in Suran. And I have healed your wounds."

"I did not ask for your help."

Dlesyddion took a step back. This man was quite irritated.

"Now calm down first! Who are you? What do you want here?"

The Ashlanders stood up. All bystanders took a step back.

"Jobael Amenaspanat is my name. Erabenimsun I come from a proud tribe. You have recently invaded our territory. Evil was awakened, which even our mightiest warriors were no match. My brothers and I were sent out to find the culprits and bring them to justice. But as we passed in the place-to-where-you-not-go it came upon us. ... We could not withstand it. He was too powerful ... "

"Who was too powerful? Tell me."

"It's ... a spirit of vengeance. An ancestor, forcing himself back into this world. So that he does not feel the chill of the mortal, he sets his body on fire. Spirit of vengeance! Fear him, for he moved to the south.

Surely he seeks revenge for the treasures that you have stolen. But we, who wanted nothing else then to protect our territory were wiped out by the vengeful spirit.

And all because only your pride and your greed! "

The Ashlanders looked around angrily. In his eyes there was nothing but contempt for the people in the tavern.

"You have left Veloths path for a long time. Someday the city of Vivec shall burn! The red mountain shall destroy you all! Turn away from the false gods! Only the words of Veloth can save you! And you healer, I owe you no thanks or anything, but I give you some good advice nonetheless. Your healing alone will not be able to save you "

With that he left the tavern.

Silence came into the tavern. Of course, no one believed the words of the heretical Aschländers. But they took his warning seriously of the spirit of vengeance, even if no one had ever heard of such a thing. But it was unusual for a Ashlanders to move this far from his tribal camp alone.

Suddenly Dlesyddion was tapped on the shoulder. When he turned around, he looked into Dresaya Hlaalus face.

"This Ashlanders are ungrateful and blinded. Would you have healed him up, if you had known, who he is?"

Before he could answer, she continued.

"Whatever. I'm so glad that the wedding is pending soon. Specially I let a priest of Almalexia come here. I can not emphasize enough how important is this marriage between the families. Combines Hlaalu and Varuhlen! We make Suran the most important city on Vvardenfel ... after Vivec of course. That you two so dearly love each other sweetens the gains in power and wealth just yet! "

"Yes, yes, ..."

"Hach. If only Ulvoren was still alive. I will summon him and ask him to always watch over you and your goods too, our ancestors look down with favor upon you, Sy ... Dlesyddion."


What Dresaya had said? It was his duty to marry Remerea? He knew that there was a marriage contract between the Hlaalu and Varuhlen, but what it really meant was not previously been clear. Had he been able to spend only so much time with Remerea because he would one day marry her? His love for her was only the result of political considerations between the houses? Dresaya was only so concerned about Remereas loyalty because their infidelity would jeopardize their wedding plans? Remereas infidelity ...

No! There was no evidence. He would not allow overcautious Dresayas to drive a wedge between him and Remerea. But then he saw him.

He saw Vonin climbing from a window of the house Hlaalu.

Was it so? He was Grabbed by disbelief, then anger. No! He refused to Believe this. Remerea would not cheat on him, never! He did not even know whether this window led to her room. Dlesyddion tried to calm down. Maybe ... Vonin entered just the house of Hlaalu family of Suran to steal. They said Vonin was poor and remained only with small capers over water. What had happened to his childhood friend? Yes, it had to be like this. Vonin was a burglar. That was the only explanation.

Dlesaddion continued to watch the scene.

What should he do now? Should he stop Vonin? Indict him?

Instead of going home, he decided to visit Remerea.

He entered the house and went to Remereas chamber. After knocking he found her still lying naked in her bed. He looked out the window.

It was Remereas room, which the windoe led to from which climbed out Vonin ...

Remerea looked at him quizzically. Her eyes were slightly redder than usual. Did she cry?

"Yes? Sydd What have you?"

"I ... just healed a man He gave me some advice.. That my healing arts can not always help me. But now I can also do some magic of destruction, but ...

I will leave for Vivec. There, the mages guild has a seat where I want to appear in person, so that the magicians can get a picture of my abilities. But do not worry, I will not longer than a day or two stay there."

Dlesyddion nodded and turned to leave. Remerea bit her lips.

"Wait, I have to tell you something!"

The young healer paused. Remerea would confess her relationship with Vonin? He would not stand that...

"I ... I want to apologize. I shouldn´t have offent you like that befor. I was just so hurt, You could assume me to cheat on you. Sydd, I ... I love you ..."

She was close to tears.

"Remerea ..." Dlesyddion rushed to her and took her in his arms. He lifted her head and wipe away a tear. "I love you too."

She pulled him to the bed. Then they love each other one last time.


Dlesyddion felt bad. It was only the second time in his life, that he had lied. When the times as a child did not count. It was not to lie for a Dunmer. How could he suspect Remerea, his true love, in only this way? She loved him still. He was just about to go to the Sylt Stryder and buy a trip to Vivec. But something nagged at him: jealousy. He wanted certainty.

In a small palm grove he hid and watched the window to Remereas room. If she encountered Vonin, then he would see it. But what he would do then?

For a long time nothing happened. Gradually, he wondered if he was not ridiculous. By the time he was drowsy. Without noticing him his eyes fell close.

A noise woke him.

When he opened his eyes he saw what he had feared. Vonin. And he climbed into Remereas room. Without hesitation. Without once looking back.

He quickly stood up. Cold sweat ran down his back. Suddenly he had a feeling as if he had to run. He did not want to have seen that. And yet he had seen. That could not be true! His childhood friend and his fiancee? Suddenly, he felt that he ran. He could no longer control. But wherever he went? He ran away? No. He ran to the front door of the Hlaalu estate. With trembling legs, he remained at the door. He knocked and waited impatiently. No one answered, so Dresaya wasn´t there. Of course. Remerea would not cheat on him when her mother was nearby. Cunning bitch! He gained access, and walked with great strides through the house. With tears in his eyes and anger in his heart he pushed open the door to Remereas chamber. What he saw there made him utter an angry scream.

Vonin bent over Remerea, covered only by a blanket. Both stared at him in surprise, but he could still see the expression of love, tenderness and lust on their faces.

Suddenly, everything was gone. He'd yell at them, but he could not, because he saw that Remerea loved Vonin.

"How ... how could you?" Dlesyddion brought out quietly and fell against the door frame.

He felt so helpless. It was as if Remerea had torn out his heart.

"Remerea. Do you... love Vonin...?"

Without waiting for an answer, he turned to leave. She did not love Dlesyddion. How could he have been so blind? But he loved her. And he wanted her to be happy, even if it meant letting her go.

"... I want you to be happy. I will not stand between you."

But then he heard Vonins words:

"Yes, exactly! Get lost! We need you here not Sydd!"

Slowly turned Dlesyddion towards them again. The anger that he had felt gone returned slowly.

"What ... did you call me?"

Pleadingly Remerea looked at Vonin and grabbed his arm.

"Please ... do not make it worse."

But Vonin pulled away.

"No. All my life I've lived only from what others have discarded, or in their" benignity"donated. Like a beggar. No. I do not want to be that. I will not let a weakling like you throw Remerea away... like a broken tool!”

Real anger rose up in Dlesyddion.

"You! You have stole Remerea from me! But I was willing to let her go, because I love her and want her to be happy. And this is the thanks? You insult me?"

Vonin stood in front of him.

"Sydd the little mage. So they called you. And me? Vonin the little thief. You are favored by fate. But not for long!"

"What do you want? You already shattered my heart, will you now shatter my life?"


"You want a duel? You were a fool to confront me. We will face tomorrow. I'll tear you apart in the air!"

And so left the room Dlesyddion, leaving the angry Vonin and the desperate Remerea.


That night Dlesyddion sat awake in his bed. He felt the shill of the night and could not sleep. With tired eyes, he stared into the void. So it was over. His carefree childhood. Vonin was no longer his friend, Remerea not his mistress. What was then the point in the duel? Why should he defeat Vonin or even kill? The heart of Remerea he had already lost. Or not? Was there any hope for her love? Or would always the shadow of fraud fall on their love? Suddenly someone knocked on his door.

"Come in," he said coldly.

It was his uncle Codremu.

The fat Dunmer slipped into the room and muttered a brief greeting.

"Dlesyddion, I heard what happened and I will tell you first.:

I'm proud of you. You behaved like a real man. You have not tolerated that street rat stealing your girl. I thought, a healer like you had not enough guts to challenge someone to a fight. But I was wrong. You've become a real man.

You are hope for usVaruhlen. You will once again bring us the greatest honor!

You have my full support! "

Codremu patted him on the shoulders. Dlesyddion noticed that he had not called him "sydd".

"Uncle?" he said.

"What is it, boy?"

"Thank you."

After his uncle had gone Dlesyddion laid on the bed in an attemp to sleep, when there was knocking on the door again. He got up and opened. It was Dresaya Hlaalu.

"Please," she began, "let me enter."

She entered, without waiting for permission. As at first she uneasyly ran through his chamber, Dlesyddion sat back on his bed. But then had Dresaya caught herself again and turned to him.

"I'm sorry that happened. ... I have failed in my daughter. As a mother I should have recognized it. But what would have then changed? I can not understand how you feel now. Know that I was cheated by Remerea, too, if it makes anything easier for you. She promised me to never betray you. And what happened?

I hope this does not interfere with our wedding plans? It would be bad for Suran if ... "

"What," yelled Dlesyddion. He could not believe that Dresaya clung to the wedding plans. "That's not meant serious?"

"But think once of your family! Our future!

You do not want to sacrifice everything, just because of this ... this beggar? This is madness! Just because Remerea has cheated you, you shall not let that destroy the future! "

Dlesyddion was not sure. He had not even thought about what he would do after the fight. Dresaya stepped up to him.

"All I want is you to kill Vonin and marry Remerea. Even if it takes hundreds of years to heal your heart. I know it will. Remerea still loves you, right?"

Dlesyddion looked up, but said nothing.

"See? Fight for Remerea! Leave the rest just to me ..."

After he closed the door behind Dresaya, he heard an argument outside his home. Two female voices shouting at each other. Dlesyddion gave up trying to sleep and sat down on a chair. He would wait until ther was silence again. But there was a knocking at his door a third time. Sighing, he got up and opened.

Before him stood Remerea. With her eyes, she asked to enter and he let her pass without a word.

"Sydd ..." she began, but he raised his hand and cut up her words.

"Never. Again. Call. Me. Like. That."

"But Sydd ..."

"NO! You may not call me that! Nobody may that! You lost the right to call me that!"

Trembling with rage, he struggled for control. While he walked menacingly at her she walked backwards.

When he had caught Vinon and Remerea, his anger had subsided quickly. But now it all came back again.

"Why? Just tell me Why? Was I not good enough for you? Again, I loved you, I loved you even so much that it would have been enough a word from you and I would have released you. Nay! You were cheating behind my back with ... with ... this pile of N'wah!

Did you think for a second, only one second about me? My heart did not matter? You did not care about my honor? "

Remerea was pushed back against a wall.

"Dlesyddion please! Calm down. You said you were going to let me go ..."

"Yes, I said. But it's not about you. This is a thing between me and Vonin!"

"... But that is a thing I do not want any of you to come to harm in!"

"Oh no! There's nothing that could sway me! The duel will take place. As if you worried about me. And also the wedding will take place. Oh yeah! I will punish you both! Your beloved Vonin I will kill like a mangy Nix Hound! And for you I will be a cruel husband!"

Tears came to Remereas eyes. Dlesyddion now stood in front of her. She raised her hand ... and hit him in the face.

It was like waking up from a bad dream.

Dlesyddion wanted to tell her everything: that he loved her and that she should leave Vonin. That he never would have been able to hurt her.

But she had already run away.


It was the early morning of the next day. Dlesyddion Vonin and faced each other in silence. Many people had gathered around them to watch the fight.

"The rules are simple. Fought is up to the third blood, that is, until the death of one of the two opponents. Now choose your weapons."

"Daggers" said Vonin.

Dlesyddion nodded. Either way this little N'wah had no chance against him. The battle weapons were handed out. Simple daggers.


The two Dunmer circled each other threatening. Their daggers they had directed at the enemy. Crowded the people of Suran stood around them and formed a circle. There was no way to escape. But neither of them wanted to escape, they both wanted the death of the other.

Dlesyddion took a step forward. Vonin did not flinch, but hit with his dagger against his opponents dagger. He wanted make Dlesyddion do the first attack.

"What's wrong? I thought you were going to tear me apart in the air? Are you afraid?"

But Dlesyddion settled not being provoked. He had not hit the dagger out of his hand and turned the blade so that Vonin not hit his hand.

Finally Vonin made the first attack: With a big step, he overcame the distance between them and grabbed for Dlesyddions right hand. But Dlesyddion recoiled and struck. He managed to inflict a cut on Vonins wrist.

With pain in his face Vonin stroke out and gave Dlesyddion a punch to the face.

He staggered back shortly. His nose was bleeding. A light in his right hand, and the bleeding stopped.

Now attacked Dlesyddion. He swung the dagger back and forth, hoping to hit Vonin. But his enemy whirled and stabbed back.

Dlesyddion dodged the blow, but Vonin let his right arm with the dagger change the direction and stabbed Dlesyddion quickly from the left. The blade stuck into his ribs.

Gasping the wounded jumped back, Vonins dagger in the chest. The pain ... he dropped his own dagger and casted a healing spell with his right hand. With his left hand he pulled Vonins dagger from the wound, which sealed immediately. Vonin suddenly stood in front of him and tried to punch him down into the ground. Dlesyddion quickly jumped back and used Vonins dagger in his left hand. He added to his opponents a cut on his arm. But Vonin picked up Dlesyddions dagger and parried another blow.

Both jumped back to gain distance. They held the weapon now in the hands of the other.

"You damn healer, I do not think it's fair if you constantly heal!"

Dlesyddion kept the dagger with both hands.

"I'll let you bleed out, while none of your attacks will have success! You have already lost! Give up!"


Vonin rushed forward shouting, the dagger high above his head. Dlesyddion held the handle of his weapon firmly. He would impale this fool like a Skeever.

As Vonin teared him down, Dlesyddion rammed his dagger in his shoulder, but he hardly seemed to realize it. Both fell to the ground. After a tussle Vonin had the upper hand. He sat on Dlesyddion and pushed him into the dust. Despite his wound Vonin was stronger than Dlesyddion. With both hands he held Vinons hands and struggled from the Dagger from the right and a fist from the left. But he felt his strength waned. Vonin pressed his dagger deeper, soon he would cut it into Dlesyddions neck.

"Well? Is your strenght faiding?" Laughed the pale-skinned Dunmer.

Finally reached the point of the dagger Dlesyddion neck. He could feel it scratching his skin and a drop of blood running down his neck. But he could not heal because his right hand was blocked. If he'd let go Vinons dagger to heal himself, Vonin would cut his throat. What should he do?

Vinons left hand slipped from Dlesyddions left hand. With another hand Vonin choked the throat of his enemy. Dlesyddion gradually went out of air. Vonin would either strangle him or slit his throat.

Was that the end?

Anger welled up in him. Through a veil he saw the evil smiling Vonin over his body. Dlesyddion slowly lifted his left hand. He felt Magicka flowing through his body. He felt the cold. Was this death? No.

He felt the power. Like when he had fought against Supple-scales. This was pure destruction. It was formed into ice. His palm was burning with cold. Then a jolt went through his opponents.

Suddenly Vonins grip was weak. Not simply weaker, he released Dlesyddion. His forces came back. He shook of Vonins hands and slapped his dagger out of his hand. But rather than fighting back Vonin toppled backwards down from him.

A spear of ice stuck in Vonins chest and jutted into the sky as Vonin twitchingly lay on her back. Coughing, he was spitting blood.

"You ... N´wah ... you ... cheated ..."

Then Vonin gasped again ... and died.

Dlesyddion could not believe he'd done it. He stood up and rubbed his neck. While he healed his wounds with his right hand, he looked at the corpse Vonins with satisfaction. He finally won. He felt no remorse. But no real joy.

Something was wrong. He looked around. Nobody clapped. Nobody cheered. Instead the faces of the surrounding people turned shocked, even mad.


"You´ve killed him with magic, you bastard!"

"You little N´wah! Let me get his dagger! I will stab him like a skeever!"

Dlesyddion took a step back. Stones were thrown at him. He tried to fent them off. The screaming crowd reached for him. Hands grabbed for his clothings. How could that be? He had won? Why were they so mad at him? He just killed a streetrat!

"What ...?"

Suddenly someone shouted amongst the people. The anger, that struck Dlesyddion, suddenly turned into fear.

Dlesyddion looked around. Vonin ... He got up again! Terrified Dlesyddion took a step back. What was on Vonins face? Where did this weird mask had suddenly appeared from?

Slowly Vonin struggled again until he was back on his feet. He laughed. But it was not Vonins voice.



Dlesyddion retreated another step and bumped into the audience. He could not go any further.

"Why are you calling me that, Daedra, and why should I recognize you? I've never seen you before."




Clavicus Vile - Vonin - pointed to the edge of the land.

Remerea Hlaalu stood on the cliffs above Sarun, staring into the abyss. When she saw that Vonin had fallen she slowly walked step by step to the cliffs. For a moment Dlesyddions heart stopped beating. He forgot about the people standing around, and the Daedric Prince wishes.

"No ... Remerea! Do not jump!"

The young Dunmera with her stricking gray-blue skin and her red hair turned slowly. Her eyes were empty, tears had dried on her cheeks. But now she was no longer crying.

"But why?"

She stood with her back to the lake. One step backwards and she would fall. Dlesyddion was close to despair. He had already lost his best friend. He did not want to lose Remerea.

Everything he wanted to say: that he had not wanted it. That he never would have been a cruel husband. That he still loved her...

But he could not. It was like a lump in his throat.

"Please ..." spawned it.

"It's ... I'm sorry, Dlesyddion."

Remerea looked at the corpse of Vonin.

"Vonin. I love you. I'll be with you."

Then she did the last step.

While her feet stepped into the nothinh and Remerea fell backward, Dlesyddion sank to his knees. A cry on his lips. Yet he saw Remerea as whole. Then only her upper bodie. Finally, only her face. But even that was cruelly torn into the deep. Nothing remained of Remerea.

She had called him Dlesyddion. She. Remerea. The only one he had ever allowed to call him Sydd. Now he knew it. She didn´t love him in the moment of ther death. It was gone. All he had ever had with her, every memory had been torn with Remerea into the depth.

The masque of Clavicus Vile on Vonins face laughed.


The people were so mesmerized by the events that no one saw the charred, smoking corpse who had approached slowly from the north. But suddenly poured the people apart in panic.

"The spirit of vengeance! The spirit of vengeance! Rescue yourself if you can!" They cried.

It was a small, charred body that was carrying a aswell charred staff. It slowly creepe overo the square, leaving fuming footprints.

But Dlesyddion did not see him, he was still staring desperately to the point Remerea fell. Clinging to the misguided hope seh would to climb the cliffs again.

The vengeful spirit stood behind him - and collapsed. Sparks flew as the body on the floor opened. Biting smoke rose up.

When the smoke cleared there was a shimmering astral form. A ghost.

"I'm Lo-Dres Dres! Listen to me, I want you no harm, I came back to you to tell you what happened to me.

In the crypt in Molag Amur I was attacked by an undead. Sydd stood and witnessed, but he did nothing to fend off the undead. I was his teacher, and taught him everything I know about the art of restoration. How to ward off the undead, how to heal and protect yourself from hostile spells. But Sydd used his knowledge not. I asked him for help, I begged! But he said no.

He wanted me to teach him in the art of destruction, but I refused. Sydd. I'm sorry that I offended you. But what you did is unforgivable and the anger will not let me go to the other side. Sydd! Sydd! Do not you hear? "

Dlesyddion slowly looked up at the spirit.

"It´s Dlesyddion! DLESYDDION!"

He raised his left hand. Fire shot out of the palm. Through the veil of tears, he could not see if he hit Lo-Dres Dres or not. But he did not care. He just wanted to see something burn.

Clavicus laughed until Vonin also collapsed. The masque of Clavicus Vile fell from his head and rolled in the dust. The laughter echoed from the inside.


Dlesyddion was actually planned to be brought to the ministry of truth, but Dresays Hlaalu insisted on a public process. She had called for witch hunters of the Bouyant Armingers and ad assassin of the Morag Tong as executioners It was a man wrapped in dark cloth, his face covered with a towel and goggles, but you could tell that he did not like this job. Dlesyddion stood handcuffed in the main square of Suran, the people stood in silence around him. They dared not throw stones or litter on him, for the Bouyant Arminger protected Dlesyddion. Motionless he knealed in the glaring light of the sun, waiting for his execution. But first he had to still go through the process. Finally, a Bouyant Arminger appeared in shimmering armor on the court. He pulled out a scroll and stopped in front of the crowd.

Then the warrior began to read out the text:

"Dlesyddion Varuhlen ye are accused in points, which are numerous. And each is of its own abominable act for which the heaviest penalty is only death.

Now all charges are read out in order of severity and relevance:

Dlesyddion Varuhlen, ye are accused of false witness against the citizens of Sarun. You have deprived the citizens, what have really happened in the crypt in Molag Amur. But this fact does not weigh as heavy as the act which is veiled with it. This court declares you guilty at this point.

Dlesyddion Varuhlen, ye are accused to have killed the homeless Vonin the nameless in a duel unrightly. It was determined that the duel is fought with daggers. But you have violated these rules and apply the magic of destruction, leading to Vonins death. This court declares you guilty at this point.

Dlesyddion Varuhlen, ye are accused of causing the death of Remerea Hlaalu. Through the death of Vonin the nameless Remerea was so upset that she has put an end to her life. This court declares you guilty at this point.

Dlesyddion Varuhlen, ye are accused of having murdered Lo-Dres Dres. A fact that should be obscured by the aforementioned lie and was only revealed by the appearance of the ghost of the victim. Dlesyddion, you did not prevent Lo-Dres Dres being killed by the undead. You have deliberately refused your help. This court declares you guilty at this point.

Dlesyddion Varuhlen, ye are accused of a pact with Clavicus Vile. Although this Daedric Prince is none of the four corners of the house of troubles. Still alone this pact has drawn all previous crimes. If you had, Dlesyddion, you gave into this Daedra and his false promises, none of this would have happened.

There is no penalty on the plains of mortals who would be the extent of your terrible acts justly. Therefore, this Court decided your soul shallet be handed over to the void, to be found in the world beyond this a measured punishment for you. "

The Bouyant Arminger nodded.

Dlesyddion was torn up. Two Bouyant Arminger held him by the arms. The Morag Tong is in front of him. The masked held long narrow blades in his hands.

"Any last words?"

Dlesyddion looked up at his executioner. And shook his head.

He felt the pain. Two small arms-lengthed blade pierced his chest. He was a healer and knew about anatomy. His heart was pierced. Nevertheless, he tried not to cry.

Slowly, his lungs filled with blood. Dlesyddion coughed. His heart was beating irregularly. The world around him was dark and blurry.

The guards let him go. For a moment he was still kneeling, but he was too weak and fell into the dust.

But then he felt the power. His right hand ... even though he had hardly the physical strength to lift his arm, he felt Magicka flowing into his right hand. It was ... pure recovery. He stood on the threshold to the void. With a final twitch lDlesyddion released the magic. His wounds were closed.

Was it too late? He no longer felt his body. It was so cold. The chill of the mortals. He was dizzy. Then the pain came back. And the anger.

Suddenly, he was regaining consciousness. His hands were tied. In his left hand he made a flame and burned off the rope.

With all his strength he pushed himself off the ground and jumped on the Morag Tong. With his burning left hand he reached into his face. He heard the cries. The fabric hood went up in flames, the goggles were cracked from the heat. He let the dead assassin fall with a burnt skull.

Dlesyddion jerked himself around. Lighting shoots from his hands on the Bouyant Arminger. He did not know what he was doing, or why.

He simply wanted to see the world burning.

He was just about to throw with all his rage fireball at the downed warriors. But then Dlesyddions eye casually fell on faces in the crowd. Faces he recognized.

The people of Sarun. Fearful. They trembled and feared for their lives. Just because of him.

His crying parents.
The face of his uncle Codremu filled with loathing and fear.
The dully staring, skooma-addicted Supple-scales, which had once been his uncle.

He stopped. The flames died away in his hand. His eyes moved on. The insane anger disappeared and gave way more and more horror.

Then he saw her. The embalmed bodies of Lo-Dres Dres, and Vonin Remerea. Remerea. REMEREA!

He looked at her, but he felt nothing. What was wrong with him?

Past. It was all over. Everything that had once meant something to him in life, he had lost, or destroyed. Was it worth it? He looked at his hands. He had received power. But what to do with it now? He had nothing for which it was worth living for.

Then he looked into the masque of Clavicus Vile. The Bouyant Arminger had laid out the Daedric artifact. As evidence? As prey? Despite the indifferent facial expression the masque seemed to laugh about him.

Dlesyddion lowered his arms. His sad and tired eyes wandered one last time over Suran. He wanted to cry, but he was not sure if he was even still capable of doing so. Then he turned without a word and walked slowly into the sunset.

The Warriors Vivec scrambled up again. They wanted to attack, but their captain held them back. He knew that they had no chance against this mage.

"Dlesyddion Varuhlen ye are banned from Sarun", called after him one of Bouyant Arminger, but the captain struck the warrior unconscious. It was better not to provoke the man.

But Dlesyddion heard no more. Although he was only a few meters off, he was far, far away.

And now? Where should he go? All that was left to him in life was his magic. He remembered the lie he had told Remerea. That he wanted to go to Vivecs Mages Guild.

Why not?

He saw the sunset in front of him with cold eyes. Indifference was the only thing he felt. The only thing he wanted to feel. From now on, the sun would rise behind him forever.
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Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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why does the ashlander revere vivek?
Vekh murdered the horator to become a god.
the ashlander pretty much hate that guy...
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I think you mean

(April 7th 2013, 01:40 PM)Idriar Wrote: Someday Vivec shall burn and the red mountain shall destroy you all!

Will change it to

Someday the city of Vivec shall burn! The red mountain shall destroy you all!

Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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oh yeah. that makes more sense.

Im still thinking about the duel thing.
Its not unheard of. But its dishonoring. Quite a tricky thing in the dunmer society.
Perhaps the morag tong would have been a more apropriate way?
But i guess the impulsive reaction of your character was kind of the point.

Also the use of magic in a duel wich was designated for daggers is odd...
They should have lynched him.

Oh yeah. Suran is at a lake, not the sea.

I might come off as overly critical here but im realy not. But i guess you want some feedback.
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Of course. Thanks for feedback ;)


Dunmer crowd reactions to come

Lake, not sea

will be changed soon

Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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This is brilliant! Why aren't you writing for a living? I don't know from a lore point of view but the plot was great, the characters were well thought out, the dialogue was moving and the descent into the Dlesyddion we know and love today was great.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Rage, Rage Against the Dying of the Light

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Fixed some errors:

Suran no lies at a lake and the people get angry like hell ;)

Who controls the Septim crown?
Who keeps the Allesian Heresy down?
We do, we do

Who knocked Yokuda off the maps?
Who keeps the Dwemer under wraps?
We do, we do

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