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Ulfaed of Skalgnefm

Started by Iogairn
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Name: Ulfaed
Age: 25
Race: Nord

Appearance: While not different from a Nord in terms of size, a lock of hair is white, despite his youth. One of his eyes is grey, the other green. He has black hair (apart from the lock) and a thin beard.

Personality: Quick to anger and slow to forget a grudge, if he is your friend he is your friend for life. If he is your enemy, thats about five seconds.
He goes from being boisterous to strangely quiet in a matter of seconds. While prideful, he can suffer an injury to it if needed.

Equipment: Carries a broadsword and a buckler.

Backstory: Shipwrecked on the island of Skalgnefm, he was found by a wolf in the burning wreckage of the ship. The wolf brought the crying babe out of the fire, seemingly shielded from the fire. Men of the island saw this and named him Ulfaed, which is in their tongue, Fire Wolf.

He grew up on Skalgnefm, an island just north-east of Skyrim. The man who found him adopted him and raised him among his sons. He was part of the island in all ways but blood, learning the ways to survive on the island; hunting, making shelter, and fighting. Fighting was always Ulfaed's strong point. He was blessed with a ferocity none could match.

On his twelth name day (it was the day he was found as they didn't know when he was born) he was initiated into the ancient Skalgnefm rites; he had to go into the cavern and slay a draugr with his bear hands. Normally it was a custom to kill the first draugr they saw, not going futher into the cave. But Ulfaed was proudful. He went further into the cave slaying each draugr he saw. until he came to the Overlord. Not much is known of the battle, only that Ulfaed emerged the victor, with the Overlord's head under his arm.

But when he was sixteen he grew restless. He enjoyed the tales of the mainland which the odd trader used to bring from Winterfell. So he got his adopted father's blessing and with five friends set sail for Winterfell. Arriving at the Jarl's palace, however, he was belittled by a thane of the court. The thane, known as Aelric the Snake, called them boys, and uncouth barbarians. Insulted, Ulfaed challenged him to a duel. But he did not know of the right of thanes to summon a champion. And Aelric's huscarl, Adalwin, was renowned across the region as a warrior. From dawn to dusk they traded blows until they were called off for a rest for the night. That night they talked and came up with a plan. The following morning, as they were called to fight, showing complete trust in each other, threw down their swords. This way, they saved honour and their lives. Aelric fled in shame and Ulfaed was named as Thane with his companions becoming his huscarls as well as Adalwin.

For four years they lived in peace, dealing with the occasional bandit raid. Until one day they heard rumours of giant attacks. Since giants normally are peaceful, this was odd. They found out that a giant king named Drak'haz had risen and tried to unite the giants under him to purge makind from Skyrim. Only a few had listened to him but only a few was needed to have an effect. They had built a fort by rolling rocks together on top of a mountain. When Ulfaed and his companions tried to get up to confront them, a shower of boulders greeted them. Ulfaed realised that a frontal assault would not work. For a week he thought of a way to kill them until he saw the mammoth herding. He came up with a plan. As he and his companions hid in wait, the mammoths were brought out and fed. Making sure they were not seen by causing a distraction in the shape of a forest fire (Ulfaed had never been subtle) they held onto the mammoths underside. As the mammoths were lead back into the fort, so were the companions. As the giants slept, one of the companions named Wilfriedr questioned why they did not kill the giants. Ulfaed replied that it would be dishonourable (somehow he didn't think creeping into the fort was dishonourable but there you go). So when the giants woke up, they were greeted by a war cry. After a great battle the giants were slain, with Drak'haz himself being killed by Ulfaed. But it was not an easy battle. Wilfried's brother Gustavr was wounded in the leg, limping forever more. Adalwin lost a hand, afterwards becoming known as Adalwin Half-hand. But they had won, and had secured peace in the realm and fame for themselves.

However it was not to last...

(((Note: I know that I kind of took from other myths and legends here and there a bit, but it was fun)))
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Very good backstory, a bit of roman and greek mythology? Detailed backstory but maybe you could add a bit more information about him as a person, challenges, memories, religious view, the normal stuff. Also a few mistakes, nothing big but noticeable. Apart from that it was very good, the mismatched eyes are a nice touch to him and so is the white streak. Hope to see you expand on this though it is fine as it is.

Vlos Hithern

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