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Ulfric vs Tullius Stormcloak vs imperial

Started by shaun
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Was curious about the outcome ere.

Imo Ulfric (without his thu'um) he seems like more of the battlefield guy, while tullius is a brilliant tactican and organiser.
Stormcloaks and Imperials are a different story. Imperials are more well disciplined, trained and armored i guess. Stormcloaks are like guerilla style fighters, Hiding in the valleys, hills, and mountains. They are probably trained to improvise and work from scrap and are also fanatically (?) loyal. I'd go on Imperials on this one.

Let's see your opinion guys.
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Daggerfall Covenant (Orc)
Noones got any dirt on this? :D
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Just going to say this Ulfic is a traitor a false leader and the sooner he is beheaded the better. Honestly he is not worth anything and he is a liar so yep. The empire in some ways may suck and Tulius may be a bit high and might but in the end only a united tamriel under the imperial army could sustain to push back the dominion. In game it is even shown SPOILER!!!!
That siding with the stormcloaks is what they would want because it weakens the two greatest threats in their opinion.

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there is already a thread similar to this....
but to answer your question assuming these are fair fights
Tullius vs Ulfric, it doesn't matter how much you dislike him, Ulfric is a combat veteran while Tullius is a tactician. Ulfric gets my vote
Imperials vs Stormcloaks If it was a pitched battle Imperials would win (this would be similar to the romans vs germanic tribes IMO)

(Note: I am biased and support the stormcloaks)
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The Imperials clearly have a firm stand on the battleground, with much more organization. On the other hand, the Stormcloaks are backed by a corrupt leader, but its followers strongly believe in what they fight and ultimately, die for. Imperials win, hands down. If they can keep back the Dominion, they can take down some face painted clowns with bear heads.

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I dont think Ulfric is corrupt, he has trained hard and fought hard to get his homeland from the imperials, he fights a common cause and leads it strongly, he is good at this as, while others agree with him they dont have the willpower and popularity to win peoples hearts. It doesnt matter if the empire was stronger united because around 4e the whole empire is in crumbles anyway. The Stormcloaks have the upper hand here though, they are born and bred for the cold and hilly. They understand and know their forts, castles and garrisons better than the imperials do which gives them an upper hand when taking a base. The Stormcloaks have something a bit more solid to fight for as well which is the independence and freedom of Skyrim and the worship of Talos. And while they are fighting the Imperials they are technically fighting the thalmor and the AD(II) as they were the ones who banned it in the first place. The Imperials are fighting for land dominance which doesnt really motivate the soldiers.

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both are corrupt.
The empire is weak and ulfric has been manipulated by the elves.

Thing on victory is tho that it is a matter of timing and place.
I would compare Ulfric to Arminius. Not only because the obvious similarities of the confrontation, but much rather in the sense that ulfric was in the Imperial Legion once.

He knows their tactics, he has their military education.
But he also knows the terrain, and so do his men.

In Skyrim, the Stormcloaks would win. Knowledge of the battlefield is such an important thing.
In a straight up fight, fine, the imperials would have way superior armor to the stormcloaks.

But there wouldnt be a straight up fight. Much rather an ambush maneuver.
The stormcloak campaign sligthly hinted at it. But thats game design.

Not to mention the morale of the Stormcloak soldiers would be alot higher.
Ulfric is quite the demagogue.
The imperials on the other hand largeley fight because thats their employment. They are defending something that brings great shame to the humans (the white gold concordate)

so id say stormcloaks would take the cake in the same circumstances we have in the game.

Not that any of the options is a good thing realy. the whole thing just weakens humanity as a whole and makes it easier for the elves.
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