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Unboxing The Hero's Guide To Tamriel

Started by Zim
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So I got my Hero's guide a couple days ago, and like my Imperial Box, I have not had the time to dive too deep into it with playing and all. I'm saving it for a rainy maintenance day or a road trip lol. Here is a brief look into what's inside the Hero's Guide:

Front Cover:

It's super sturdy, great quality and will hold up for a very long time. It came with the tip slightly bent but I imagine that's shipping's fault. Oh well, small potatoes.

[Image: GeUQNMYl.jpg]

Here's the spine, as well as a look into what my kid's were watching and the milk spots from my daughter on our very cheap coffee table.

[Image: u9goe2Tl.jpg]

This is what it looks like when you open it up. Everything is nice and neat. I also own another map of Tamriel, apparently.

[Image: JlL6Sw7l.jpg]

My numbered (handwritten I believe) certificate of authenticity.

[Image: U3nFIlfl.jpg]

[Image: C0h4YXGl.jpg]

[Image: K9Ff1mPl.jpg]

[Image: apdVpvql.jpg]

I had other pics, but they are being difficult to upload, so unfortunately you don't get to see those. But this is basically everything in a nutshell. Hope you like it!

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