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Unknown little Khajiit boy

Started by Xoo
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Aldmeri Dominion (Khajiit)
Not so long ago I ran away from the little burned village. My family is been murdered from the plunder raiders. Father, mother, sisters....are passed away. I'm alone. I hide me in a old hide and keep me warm from wet raining.


I am tired and want to sleep in few dream for my father how proud of the little village..


The dream, the father whisper to me... "Don't forget who you are and who we were from the little village, you need go to Torval, and seek one......."

Sudden I wake....and say..."father...Torval...I must go"

((#1 - History will continue next #2))

((Edit: Move to Character Bio - and my character's name will not show until TESO))
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